Fortress Legends Cheats, Tips and Guide

Bandai Namco has consistently given us really cool and innovative games since time immemorial and Fortress Legends is another masterpiece that will surely make an impression on you. The idea is to build and defend your fortress from invaders, upgrade your characters, battle it out with various types of characters PvP-style, and destroy and loot your opponents’ turf by hacking-slashing to become the best! Here’s our Fortress Legends cheats list to help you strategize and defeat your enemies!

Fortress Legends cheats, tips and guide

Don’t miss out on the tutorial.

The tutorial is quite straightforward, but you should never miss it because it’ll be a lot easier to play if you know all the little details. Also, you’ll get an idea about the story and more! Collect gems, mana, and useful items throughout the game, the more of these you accumulate, the easier it will be for you to improve your fortress and your characters’ attack skills, etc.

This game allows you to customise your character quite liberally, so make sure to learn about all the little details by taking on smaller missions and doing it over and over. There are tons of skills and types of characters to try, make sure to know each and every one of them to strategize better and succeed in all your missions and raids!

Be a good ally!

If you’re going out as a single player, make sure to choose allies that are relatively closer to your level. The reason for this is that you will be given opponents that are closer to the highest level in your party. So if you chose an ally that’s way beyond your level, it’s highly likely that you won’t make it through.

On the other hand, if you are going out in a co-op battle, make sure to use your character to its potential. If you have great physical attack skills, then make sure to position yourself near the clashes, whereas if you are an archer, then position yourself where you can strike enemies from a distance.

Complete quests!

Like any other RPG games, the main bulk of the work typically includes completing missions and quests at hand. You can earn gems and skills credits upon completion of these tasks and the more difficult a quest is, the better items and skills you’ll receive after. Win a couple or more achievements per quest to collect even more gems. Also, don’t forget to search for loots right

Grind and raid!

Level up by grinding or playing done stages repeatedly. If this doesn’t sound too exciting for you, might as well look for a different game to play because you won’t progress in this game if you don’t particularly like repetitive battles. You need this to save tons of mana, gems, and EXP for upgrades and more. When going into battles and raiding, destroy everything that comes your way—enemies and structures alike.

Spin wheels!

A good way to earn precious gems is to spin wheels. However, this can be quite addicting, just be careful not to spend a number of gems for another try on the wheel. And don’t even try to “recover” lost gems this way because you’re bound to lose more gems, even if you do the math.

These are only some of the Fortress Legends cheats that you can try if you haven’t yet started the game. We’ve barely scratched the surface! So share your thoughts, game secrets, and keep a good discussion going by commenting below!

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