Flippy Knife Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Flippy Knife is a physics based game where you flip knives and other types of blades on the arsenal. It has elements of an endless runner as you are given different levels to traverse and play. It can be a bit of a frustrating game but don’t worry when you use our Flippy Knife hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Practice a lot

Flippy Knife has a mode where you can practice and even earn some coins when you successfully do some rotations. This mode is very straight forward as you just need to flip the knife and make it land on the board. This also allows you to practice on your swiping power and allows you to know how to get better at it. The good thing is that even if you fail in this level you won’t have any repercussions. The better you do means the more coins you can get. Just make sure to land the knife on the middle as it may fall off. Then again that’s why you’re practicing in the first place.

Do it over and over

Practice may not be that frustrating, if you play the levels then you may end up being frustrated. The thing is that if you fail your flips, you’ll be back to the last place you landed. That’s the good thing there as you can do these things over and over again without any repercussions as well. Just do it over and over without the worries of losing anything which is good. Plus the farther you go ahead in the levels means that you can get more coins. Just be patient and don’t get frustrated with the game if you can.

Unlock more knives

The point of getting coins in Flippy Knife is to unlock more knives or in this case other blades. The thing to keep in mind is that other than aesthetics, these knives have different weight and coin rewards. Like a single knife can be rated from 1 to 3 in terms of its weight. It can also be rated 1 to 3 coins depending on how much it can give you. Now when it comes to the weight, the heavier the knife it means the less rotations it can do and it needs you to swipe a bit stronger to make sure that it has a good boost. That goes as well to what knives or blades you want to unlock.

Do you go for heavier or lighter knives or knives that give you more coin rewards as the combinations are abundant. Plus this goes back to where you need to practice over and over again when it comes to the different knives as you need to estimate the weight and swipe that you need to do to make sure that you get full rotations and distance.

Throw those blades on the air with some finesse with the help of our Flippy Knife hack, cheats, tips and guide. This game can be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

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