Flip Diving Hack, Cheats: Unlimited Coins Tricks That You Must Know

Flip Diving is a fun and simple game that lets you plunge from cliffs and elevated platforms into the water. Figure things out on your own and try to perform all of the available tricks on the list and nail them each time! If you love cliff diving or are a fan of rag-doll Physics and easy gameplay, then this one is definitely for you. A word of note, though, that simple games like these can be quite challenging. What are you waiting for? Here is our list of Flip Diving hack and cheats to help you try all those diving locations and unlock all those quirky divers!

flip diving cheats

Unlimited spins trick with time setting:

This is the easiest thing that you can do to get free spins, all you have to do is set your time 1 day (24hours) forward. The bad thing about this approach is that you will have to do this multiple times, and it is pretty annoying for me. If this is the problem check my next “hack”, it might serve you well.

My Favourite “Hack”: the unlimited coins cheats:

I am not sure if i should call this a hack because i am not sure how did the creator do this. You will need to be connected to your Gamecenter account to do this, otherwise this cheats won’t work. You can head over to their website and test it yourself. I worked for me, and it was pretty easy as well, please do let me know if you have any questions.

Learn to figure out how to perform each trick!

In this game, you learn to perform each of the diving tricks by trial and error. There is a quick tutorial at the start of the game, but all it says is to tap and release and “do not tuck”. For those who don’t really dive, you might find it hard to work out at first, but after a few tries, you’ll get the hang of it.

Nail successful jumps and dives in a row!

Perform consecutive dives successfully on a single platform and try to get to the highest point. Successful dives are recorded and the longer the sequence the better. You’ll receive more flip coins for each winning dive.


flip diving hack cheats unlimited spins

Earn new tricks to try by spinning for free or in exchange for coins! Collect all tricks and try to complete them properly. You are entitled to one free spin per day, you can wait for it every time, if you don’t plan on using up your game currency on unlocking new tricks.

Watch videos.

Sometimes, the video links might not work, but if you want to save up on coins, then you can watch these ads right after you spun for a new trick. The game will tell you if videos are available or not, if they are, then we highly recommend watching them for coins, easy-peasy. Another way to get more coins is to activate the magnet for 5 minutes by watching a video when it’s available.

Jump at an angle!

flip diving hack cheats unlimited spins 3

Avoid hitting the cliff/tree/platform by jumping off at an angle. Wait for your guy to lean forward a little before releasing your hold. Otherwise, you’ll hit and fail your dive AND start all over again.

Make as little splash as possible!

Just like typical diving scoring, you fare well when you enter the water cleanly (without much splash) and with as straight body as possible! The better you score on your dive/s the more coins you’ll earn!

Ignore the coins if they’re near the foothold!

flip diving hack cheats unlimited spins 2

Coins may be collected mid-air, while your guy free-falls into the water. Collect as many as you can, but don’t risk your diver’s life by trying to get those that are really close to the walls. You wouldn’t want to break your winning streak, do you?

These are all our Flip Diving hack, cheats and basic tips for those who would like to try their luck with this fun and addicting game! Comment below for suggestions and more tips to perfect difficult tricks!


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