Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Cheats and Guide

If you haven’t heard about the Final Fantasy instalments, get out from under that rock you’ve been hiding under! Embark on a new adventure as a knight and together with your allies, battle out familiar foes in the realm in Brave Exvius. Enjoy great graphics and an excellent story line, and mingle with the realm dwellers while exploring and completing missions in the game. Here’s our useful guide and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius cheats to get you started.

final fantasy brave exvius cheats

Don’t skip the tutorial. 

This is a very important part of the game. Read all of the contents of the tutorial to understand the game better. Perform all of the initial missions to get a feel of the game, and when you get to a certain level, you will “summon” a character from a collection of characters using Friend Points.

Play daily for bonuses and quick level-up. 

There are many different types of quests in the game and one of them is the daily quest. You will need to complete mundane pursuits like reaching a certain game level, clearing a number of vortex, gaining a certain level of XP, etc. Moreover, send gifts to your friends to save up on Friends points that you may use to summon characters. You can also earn Lapiz—or the FF currency that you can use for purchase and upgrades.

Don’t forget to fulfil your FF quests! 

Aside from daily quests, your true QUESTS are the ones that take you to the game’s story. Talk to the inhabitants of Mitra, especially those that have (!) overhead.  Usually, that character might give you a side mission or a clue to your next mission, etc. Try to finish all of the quests if you have plenty of time. You could earn XP, rare items, and even Lapis along the way!  Each mission will take you to different places in the realm and you’ll know the roles of each townsfolk enough to help you as you progress in the game. However, make sure to always do missions that reward you with Lapis first, before anything else.

Play with friends.

Invite your friends to play not just for Friends Points that you can earn daily, but also to use their heroes/characters during missions. They can also use yours and in return, yours will earn XP and Lapis. You will need to take allies every time you’ll go for a run. Your allies can sort of “lend” you heroes to join your group and help you finish the stage. Add them to your Friends’ list and you’ll be able to summon their awesome heroes all the time and use their Limit Bursts—at least as long as you have tickets. However, don’t use summons recklessly, you want to be able to tap the really fine characters like Dark Fina and Gilgamesh, or someone else.

Limit bursts.

Fallen enemies will drop crystals that can be used to activate your characters’ limit bursts.  These types of attacks can deal a lot of damage and are best used to deal with zone bosses or exceptionally tough monsters.

Combo chains deal much more damage!

Characters are capable of dealing chains of attacks. These chains or attack combos deal a lot of damage and can help you bring down enemies much more quickly and in essence, save HP. There are many different combinations, memorise these and with the right timing and character pairing, you can create a really devastating combo.

Let go of useless units to get better ones in return. 

You can let go of some weak units and combine them with others to create better ones. Aim for 100% trust mastery by using specific units over and over to build their TM and improve their skills and abilities.

Go back to previously-explored areas. 

Unlock the exploration mode to go back to areas that you have gone to before and collect items that you can use for forging tools, weapons, armours, and even magic potions and salves. Keep in mind that some of the items and materials that you might need can only be found in specific areas in the realm. Uncharted zones are also worth checking out for rare items and materials.

Enjoyed our Final Fantasy Brave Exvius cheats and basic guide?  Do comment below if you have more to add!

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