Farm Heroes Super Saga Cheats and Guide

Some people love to play simple, no-brainer games to kill time and Farm Heroes Super Saga is one such game.  But be forewarned because this game is highly addictive!  From the same makers of the popular Candy Crush series and its predecessor Farm Heroes Saga, you’ll know that this one will not disappoint. Similar eye-popping graphics, upbeat music, but adrenaline-inducing levels. Expect a teeny, tiny twist in the game involving the weather, though, to make it much more challenging. So here’s our basic guide and Farm Heroes Super Saga cheats to help you get started.

farm heroes super saga cheats

Complete objectives.

Before a level starts, you will be given an objective to fulfil. You will not be able to finish the game successfully unless you satisfy these objectives. Once you’ve done all you can to qualify for the next level, you can already focus on getting high scores to earn those perfect stars. For example, you may be asked to remove all of the flowers. You can do this by matching crops beside a flower a few times until it moves and disappears.

Study the board before making a move.

Check out all of the crops on the board first before making a move and aim to pop as many regular crop tiles and power ups in one go. This is important because one move can cause other tiles of crops to inadvertently match, so take your time to pop more tiles.

Match on the lower half of the board.

Match items at the bottom or anywhere at the lower portion of the board. This will cause the other tiles to move as well—more chances for accidental match-ups and additional bonus points as well for matching crops successively with one move. Take note that the wind is a big factor in making consecutive match-ups, so check out the indicator for the wind direction as it will affect your move each time.

Match more than 3 crops for boosts and power-ups. 

The more crops you match, the better points and power ups you’ll get, so aim for more than four of the same crops to score high in that level. Also, matching crops in T shape will increase the crop quota where you make a move. Five-in-a-row will pop all of the same crops. Finally, aim for mega crops or big crops that result from matching for crops in a square.  Match three of those big crops and you’ll end the level with flying colours.

Throw cans back at Rancid Racoon! 

Rancid Racoon is back! Just like before, this guy’s up to no good and will keep throwing cans at you during boss battles. Match crops next to a tin to hurl it back at him, while matching crops like usual to finish the level.

Wind could be a positive or a negative factor. 

Always look out for the wind’s direction because unlike matching games and its predecessor, you can’t move against the wind’s direction and crops will certainly follow where it blows to. When this happens, your moves could either be limited or it could cause the crops to be matched for awesome combos as well.

Hope you enjoyed our Farm Heroes Super Saga cheats and basic guide. Comment below if you have other tricks to complete tough levels in the game!

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