Fallout Shelter Cheats

Playing Fallout Shelter would need more than just mere luck. A game that boasts of being unique, it is also one of the recent additions of mobile gaming for iPhone and iPad devices. This game allows you to build, manage and strategies. If you want to speed up your score, overcome the levels faster, get more settlers in your game as well as unlock the various buildings, here are some of the important and useful Fallout Shelter Cheats and tips that you can use. These are some of the simple cheats and guides that you can utilize to gather resources, build with fervor and most of all, and attain supremacy in your game time.

If you still haven’t laid your hand on this awesome game, then i highly suggest you to, it worth every single second of your time, this sincerely a piece of art of mobile gaming. You can download  Fallout Shelter for iOS and Fallout Shelter for Android.

Don’t Just Build


The first Fallout Shelter Cheats is don’t just keep on building. Some games would push you to build and build but if you are playing fallout shelter, playing with certain strategies are helpful. As you play the game, don’t just build but build and create with a reason and intention. As you build more rooms, it would only be then that the game itself would let you know where to set your rooms.

For instance, building rooms side by side would help you gain much since it provides enhanced performance.

Link Your Rooms

Also, you can create and place your rooms, ensure that you are setting a place wherein you can still have an option to connect these various buildings, particularly if they are of the same kind. As you link your rooms, it can add more points and generate better outcomes for you.

Place the Appropriate Settlers on the Room


As you start to place settlers, make sure that these types of settlers are applicable to the rooms. If they were on the right spot, it would boost your overall points. It can enhance production if these settlers are happy and contented.

As you must have known while playing the game, each room offers different characteristics, which is why it is important that your dwellers are fit for that room’s attributes. You can test the dwellers if they are fitted for that particular area by dragging them on each room. If there is a small letter, it indicates that with this attributes, production could be enhanced and boosted.

Upgrading is the Key

It is not in the number of rooms that you have, although it would help in your game time but the best way to earn more and achieve more are to upgrade rooms so that the output and storage are enhanced and increased. With this method, it can help you achieve your quota and the needs of your increasing population. If the rooms are upgraded, adding more infrastructures, basic necessities such as water and electricity are lowered.

To upgrade, just tap on the room, click on the upgrade arrow and viola, your room is automatically improved, upgraded and boosted.

Happiness is the also Key

If you want to earn more and improve your game time, make sure that you are making everyone happy. The game is all about keeping your tenants, which are the dwellers happy. If you can fulfil that, you can better balance your game time and your overall gaming resources and outputs are enhanced as well.

These are some of the Fallout Shelter Cheats and guide that you can utilize in becoming the best gamer of Fallout Shelter. Stay tune for more updates and cheats in the coming days.

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