Facebook Messenger Basketball Cheats, Tips, Strategies and Guides

The world of social media was surprised when Facebook released a secret game embedded inside its Messenger application. After the Facebook users knew the means to unlock the game, it has spread into the messaging world as fast as a bullet.

On a different note, Facebook has informed the world that the game placed one week ago, and “millions” of users have played the #MessengerMadness game which was created in response to honor the NCAA March Madness, and currently it boasts of 300 million sessions and counting.

Facebook Messenger Basketball

The game that has brought for innovation, many have been swept by the fun side that Facebook messenger basketball has brought. However, playing the game is not always easy. There are blockages and there are times that it is difficult to even play the game without assistance but with these Facebook messenger basketball cheats, tips, strategies and guides, the game would be easier said than done.

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Begin by Sending Emojis

The game begins when you send a basketball emoji to your friend through the messenger application. It then progresses when you tap the ball.

Choose Which Method

You choose the methods that Facebook has intended. You can play with your index finger and with your eyes alone or you can pick up some hints that will set your game on the path.

Grab Your Ruler

You can use your ruler to increase your points. You can do it by placing the ruler on your phone’s screen and then you can angle the ruler from the ball to the basket. Proceed on the process by swiping the game and you are on your way to winning.

Use a Pen

You can also use a pen to angle the commands better. You can get a transparent film that can be placed on top of your screen and then write the lines so that you can see the straight line and further increase your scores.

Do not Rush

While playing Facebook messenger basketball, do not rush things, take it slowly and stride through the game with ease. Shoot the ball and enjoy the game so that you can be refreshed. When the challenge becomes difficult, being at peace and not in rush can help you think clearly and make your moves calm as well.

Update your Messenger Application

If you want to gain the optimum gametime, you need to update your application. It can boast the efficiency and make your game stable and better as well.

Learn the 30 Point-Mark

The game is really complex in its own way but if you are able to learn the 30-point mark, then the games becomes exciting. Remember that after 10 points, the backboard moves would then show a side to side, and then it would give 20 points as it gets faster and after 30 points, it moves diagonally as well. Learning these moves will help you get better control and game time and at the same moment, increase your points.

Learn the Quick Swipe Method

When you shoot the ball, quick swiping can help. You can swipe the screen in an upward and quick fashion and you can surely hit more loops and gain more points. The rationale for quick swiping is that if you swipe in fast paced manner, you can hit the direction faster but if slower, there is a high probability that you will lose direction and hit another spot or area.

Learn Short Swipe Method Too

Even though you are required to learn long swipe, you need to learn short swiping as well. Short Swiping can assist you as you shoot in an upward position and it can help get more points if it is directed to a 90 degrees angle and the ball projectile is set at that as well. Short swiping can also help you gain 20 points and even more.

Learn the Curve Shot

Although applying the Curve shot is easier said than done to do. However, to learn it and do it successfully, just swipe the ball in an upward direction where the hoops are but you also need to slash the distance in half.

Apply Straight Shot Upon Reaching A 20 score and Even Higher

When you reach a score of 20, use and apply the straight shot. The rationale for this is that it is easier to score at this level and more easier to do as well as long as you mastered the straight shot. Remember that it is easier to gain points when you are at 10 points already rather than when you are at 1 or 2. The straight shots can help you increase your points and make your hoops higher as well. If you want to do a straight shot, you can do it by swiping from the center and the bottom of the ball as well, in the same manner as you do it on the real court.

Don’t be Mindless in Playing

If you want to do well in the game, you need to give it your all. Don’t do mindless actions but ensure that every shot, every move and every command and swiping is not wasted at all.

Use the Real Strategies

If you are a basketball fanatic, it is inevitable that you have learned a lesson or two regarding the skills and strategies of keeping the ball and raising your scores. With those real strategies at bay, you can also use them as you play Facebook messenger basketball. It may be different in some form but the game is driven by the same principles whether online or offline. So make use of your memory and remember the real strategies that you have learned so far.

The game is fun and thrilling and it can help you have enjoyable moments and be pleased of the game as well. Moreover, the design and commands can help you appreciate the game and enhance your game flexibility and contest your skills as a gamer. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Facebook messenger basketball and for the meantime enjoy the Facebook messenger basketball cheats, tips, strategies and guides.

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