Egg, Inc. Cheats, Tips and Guide

Here’s a new farm management hit that you can add to your list of mobile games. Build your egg empire from a small farm in Egg, Inc. The premise is simple, start small and increase your egg and chicken production by investing in facilities and equipment, getting involved with research, and more! Here is our list of Egg, Inc. cheats and strategies to help get you started.

egg inc cheats tips guide


Your objective is to own loads of eggs to meet production tasks or missions. They can range from setting up a farm to churning out a number of eggs at a given period. Other objectives are to upgrade farm equipment and facility, invest in logistics, and to develop techniques by research to become more profitable.

Tap to move the chickens from the hatchery to shacks.

This game is all about tapping. Modify the area where you must tap according to your comfort, you can choose a narrow or wide area to tap on. You rack up money as the chickens move from one building to another.

Farm features.

Each farm feature must be upgraded the same frequency as others. For example, having bigger facilities means that you may also need to invest in a better delivery van or driver, so you can transport the eggs for profit. You can check out if the buildings are almost worked out to the limit. When they almost are, then you must already upgrade. Get the biggest upgrade you can purchase to avoid delays and losses.

Tap to destroy the drones.

Earn gold eggs by tapping to destroy drones. You can use these gold eggs to purchase upgrades and more.

Study the screen features and menu.

There are four buttons at the bottom where you can learn and modify farm settings and make upgrades, boost farm processes in exchange for golden eggs, see your tasks, and check how much money your farm has made.

Tasks can be a little tricky, while others will simply require you to play constantly until you reach a certain farm value.

On the other hand, outside the menu, you’ll find information about maxed-out building space and cash bundles on the upper right corner of your screen.

Increase your production.

The research button will show you how you can grow your production. Improve the chickens’ nests and feeds as well as use better packaging choices. This will subsequently increase how much you earn per batch of eggs. Unlock tiers by improving your farm’s incubators.

Internal hatcheries are useful when you are almost always away and need to run the game on its own. Upgrade these to accommodate more while you’re out doing important things. You can always go back and check how your farm is working out when you’re no longer too busy.

How to earn gold eggs.

Here is everyone’s favourite past-time. We’re obviously kidding here, but hey, if you want to earn golden eggs aside from tapping on drones, then watch boring and repetitive adverts to do so. These gold eggs are so useful, you won’t notice how boring the ads actually are!

Excited yet? Try the game now with our simple Egg, Inc. cheats and basic guide to beginners and comment below if you want to add more to our list!


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