Easy to Follow Piano Tiles Cheats, Tips and Guides

There are times that you need to play Piano Tiles over and over game because you fail the levels and it can get frustrating which is why you need these reliable Piano Tiles Cheats, Tips and Guides to help you along the way.


The game may sound easy in the ears and in the eyes at some point but the game is not that friendly at all. Music and melody is the main thing that can be constantly seen by playing Piano Tiles. However, you will soon learn that as you play the game, it will make you lose your patience and your mind because you cannot seem to implement the right game strategy to move forward.

It is not the end of the line for you because you can use these different Piano Tiles Cheats, Tips and Guides to help you overcome the difficult levels.

Control Your Hands

The game is all about control. You need to control your hands and you need to use your two fingers as well. Do not play with just one hand but rather for better game time, use two hands. You can use the thumb or your index fingers since that is one of the best things to opt for when playing this game.

Use the Slower Paced Option to Be Better

You need to be oriented with the different game modes so that you can master the game at any given point in time. For instance, you can play the types of modes such as the classic and Zen modes so that you can be more acquainted with the game and the styles that go with it. These practice modes can equip you to counter the different modes particularly the harder levels.

Don’t Linger on One Finger

As you play the game, consider diversity. You need to master the style of shifting from one finger to another. You can be more comfortable if all of your fingers are able to play the game. It can strengthen and prolong your game as well.

Use the Timers and Rest

Reminders are vital if you want to prolong the game and if you want to achieve more. You can set the timer so that it can as your reminders. You tap the more button tab and click the main menu and then set the time to 6 minutes to 10 minutes the most. The purpose of this is to make your eyes rest and not be stressed also it can help you be more renewed if you let the timers remind you to take a rest, to play the game and to begin again. Sometimes rest is all you need to fast track your game.

Do not Focus on Beating Other High Scores Yet

Do not worry if your score is low. Do not focus on it yet specially if you are just starting the game. Remember that hard work pays off and if you are able to play well then the rest will follow. Don’t worry if your lagging behind, if you master the game, you will soon see your name on that pedestal and it might be sooner than you think.

Focus on One Level

Do not master many levels at one point in time. Take each mode one step at a time. If you are seeing yourself getting better, then you can move to the arcade mode or the relay mode or even the rush mode. Take the time off to be good at one level and then progress forward.

Take Off Screen Protections

Although they may come handy for your devices, in playing Piano Tiles, they can be the hurdles to your game. The game is all about tapping and with sensitivity too. It might be that your screen protection is affecting the commands and the tapping and if you are serious in progressing through the game, removing the screen protections might be one of the best ways to go.

There you go, these are just some of the Piano Tiles Cheats, Tips and Guides that are easy to follow, easy to do, easy to master and most of all easy to remember. Stay with us for more updates, cheats and tips of Piano Tiles in the coming days.

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