Dunkers Cheats, Tips and Guide

Dunkers is a fun dunking game that puts you in the shoes of characters with hard-to-control flailing arms. If you are looking for a silly but challenging game, then this is what you should be playing! Try to dunk the ball with your long, awkward arms and let’s see if you can easily catch or steal the ball from your opponent, without much difficulty. Excited yet? Here is our list of Dunkers cheats and basic tips to catch and dunk that ball like a pro!

dunkers cheats, tips guide

Game features and objectives.

The objective is to score higher each slam dunk match against an AI opponent. The game features a typical basketball court set-up where you try to steal the ball against your opponent and dunk on your court. You can also foil an opponent’s attempt at a slam dunk by awkwardly jumping and trying to block the shot.

Practice makes perfect.

This game can be quite frustrating if you cannot control how your character bounces up and down. However, with constant practice, you will be able to time your flailing arms more accurately to steal the ball and you will be able to control your bouncy character better. You can play over and over using the arcade mode to become more comfortable with the controls and the elements of the game.

Practice how you can perfect the right mix of jump and pedal, before you head on to the real competitions or the career mode.

Press-hold jump if you want to go higher.

Press the jump button longer if you want to high, fluid jumps. Make sure to hold down the button longer because short taps will result to a bouncy character that will not reach the hoop. It is hard to jump and take aim accurately, but this is how you more or less control your awkward character.

Keep bouncing higher.

High jumps that let you stay up for long will help you keep the ball to yourself. Avoid short bouncy jumps at the bottom, where it’s easy for your opponents to bump the ball from your hands and steal it. Your opponent will most likely knock you aimlessly until you lose the ball. So jump higher and stay where your enemy can’t reach you.

Position your character better.

The back pedal allows your character to get into position properly to steal or to dunk the ball. When you hit this button on the left corner, you sort of jump back a little to fake your opponent. You can do this over and over, as long as you find it helpful. Tap rapidly if you want to take advantage of this little button. Getting your character in a good position will help you anticipate when to bump against your opponent so it can lose control of its balance and lose the ball in the process.

Stay directly beneath when your opponent bounces long and high.

Doing this trick will cause your opponent to lose its balance and bounce aimlessly, making it difficult for it to refocus and control its movements. When this happens, position your character for a steal and reach the hoop right after you get the ball.

These are a few tips that you might find helpful. Add more to our list of Dunkers cheats by commenting below!

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