Dunk Nation 3X3 Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

There are a lot of basketball games available for people to play so why not add one more in the form of Dunk Nation 3X3. The game utilizes cartoon style art but it is pretty much street basketball. You can choose your character and play a position. You can play one on one or with the highest number being three on three as the name of the game stats. Just play the games like a basketball pro with the help of our Dunk Nation 3X3 hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Good offense and defense

Dunk Nation 3X3 as we stated is a basketball game be it 1 on 1, 2 on 2 or 3 on 3. Like any good basketball player, you need good defense and offense. Unfortunately some players have good defense but bad to average offense or vice versa. If that is the case then here are some ways for you to get better at it. When you have average offense, then buff up your defenses. When you manage to block or steal the ball, then you will have possession of the ball. When that happens, proceed slowly and go for a safe shot. Go for a dunk or a layup and not any of those long range shots. If you have average defense, then it is best to make those shots count. Shoot more than the enemy so that you can have more points at the end of the game.

Skills and talents

There is a difference between the skills and talents. Skills basically are the types of shots or dunks that you can make. Certain requirements have to be met before you can make a shot. Like if you’re going for a dunk, then you need to be near the ring to do it. You can’t just dunk from a long distance. Plus the kind of dunk will be determined on where you make the dunk. Like if you dunk from the side or from the front of the ring. Talents are the ones that are like your abilities. These talents you have to equip so that you can use them unlike the skills that will function once conditions are met.

Your career

The career mode in Dunk Nation 3X3 is like a single player mode. You basically play against a series of computer AI. If multiplayer mode is killing you at the moment then why not head to the career mode. This mode also rewards you with some things that you can use. One other thing is that you can always just play one on one online if pairing up with other players can be a pain.

Do the quests

Don’t forget to do the quests that are available in the game. They are optional but you can also get some nice rewards. If the quests are too hard to do for the time being then go for the easier ones for now.

Go for the dunk or just some nice shots with the help of our Dunk Nation 3X3 hacks, cheats, tips and guide. This game is available on both iOS and Android.


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