Dream City: Metropolis Cheats And Basic Guide

If you like the premise of slow progression games, then try out Dream City: Metropolis. It has all the elements you’re certainly looking for in a build/manage game. You will take the role of the city chief in a fun and colourful setting and along with your staff and cohorts, your aim is to expand it and make it more profitable and expansive. So here are our Dream City: Metropolis cheats to help you begin your rule and take the city to greater heights!

dream city metropolis cheats

Put up as many businesses as you can.

Putting up businesses can help you collect money to fund your expansion as well. You can also choose to set up similar businesses, especially those that are affordable and easy to maintain. Make sure to connect commercial and important buildings to roads. Otherwise, you won’t get them to work.

Complete tasks and orders.

Fulfil your boardwalk orders first before your regular business orders to earn more. These types of tasks will net you more coins and tickets on top of what you will get from your regular orders.

Road networks and building plans are important.

Road networks and building layouts and position are important things that you should consider to make your city more efficient. Avoid missing out on hard-to-reach buildings by organising each section of your city.

Unlock containers.

Unlock slots and improve your City’s layout by building vertical establishments. They’re perfect for your metropolis and the more you build, the more game money and building items you earn.

Save space by placing the town hall in the middle surrounded by buildings that earn money and drop items. It doesn’t have to be near a road network for it to work, whereas the extra space intended for the town hall may be used to hold a profitable business.

Clean up your inventory.

Immediately use items you collect for building or upgrading immediately to prevent maxing out your inventory space. Avoid stock piling things that you do not need straight away.

Don’t build too quickly.

Building at a quicker pace than usual will not be as helpful as you think. Build gradually, earn plenty of money, and take your time knowing all the features of your city. You’ll be able to unlock more slots for expansion without depleting your resources in no time. Points of Interests are great areas for expansion and people love to flock to these areas.


Don’t forget to pick the biggest unlocked package before you quit the game. This will earn you more fuel for operations the next time you play the game.

Some establishments will drop special items needed for fixing and upgrading other buildings, be extra keen where the scissors, gems, and so on. On the other hand, you earn gold by crafting items and peddling them at the Marketplace.

These are a few Dream City: Metropolis cheats that we have compiled. If you have more strategies to add, share them by dropping a comment below!

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