Dots & Co. Cheats and Basic Puzzle Techniques

Dots & Co. is a low-key puzzle match-three game that will surely appeal to players of all ages. Despite its simple design and concept, it does not take away the challenge that many are looking for in puzzle games. Also, moving away from the typical matching games, you can connect dots even if they are located on different levels of the board. So if you are good with patterns and would like to try a different match-three game, then hurry up and download this fun and awesome app to help you pass the time! Here is our roll of Dots & Co. cheats and techniques to help you solve the puzzles easily.

dots & co


The objective of the game is to solve each puzzle and complete all the levels in a finite number of moves.

Matching dots.

Unlike other games of the same genre, Dots & Co. requires you to match similar dots in vertical and horizontal paths. This means that as long as the dots are placed adjoining each other, whether the pattern goes up and down, then you’ve got a match. You can’t match same figures diagonally, though.

Try to finish using as few number of moves.

Completing each stage with a considerable number of moves left will translate into even more bonus points. The remaining moves will be converted into bombs that will clear off most of the dots left on the table.

Form squares.

Connecting dots into a square will help you eliminate dots of the same colour. Don’t forget to draw a clear square or rectangle, otherwise, the move won’t count.


Initially, you will be given three of these, possibly showing you how each one works. Try not to use them up immediately.

Connect spinning dots to turn all surrounding ones into one colour. You can then proceed to connect dots into squares and rectangles for more points and to convert more dots to just one colour. You can also power-up your companions, which is a lot cheaper than purchasing other power-ups.

Another important power up is the dot-eraser. It removes one speck and it provides you a new perspective and an opportunity for better play.

Finally, remove an entire row and column using the sure shot. Again, this will provide yo a chance for better game.

Watch your stats.

Your screen will reflect your energy meter that gets depleted while you play a level. However, if you finish satisfactorily and match a good number of dots in a given level, you’ll earn back the energy through those stars at the end of each game. To maintain your energy level, aim for three stars for each run.

On the other hand, another meter will show you how many special powers you can unleash. Boost your companions’ skills early on and exchange them for five extra moves, if you ran out. However, remember that it is much cheaper to boost your companions than buying extra moves.

There you have it. Our Dots & Co cheats list and useful techniques. If you’re looking for a simple game to pass the time, then this is it! Share your dot-clearing strategies by commenting below.

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