Disney Crossy Road Cheats & All Secret Characters Unlocked!

If you are a huge fan of the Crossy Road game for iPhones and iPad, Disney is planning to make your world a whole lot brighter. They are going to be delivering a similar game with all of your favorite characters. Disney Crossy Road features the same idea as the original but brings all of your favorite Disney characters to life in a whole new way. We want you to have the best time ever playing Disney Crossy Road, so we have the best Disney Crossy Road Cheats to help you in-games as well as methods to unlock all Secret Characters.


To download Disney Crossy Road, Use this link for iOS and this link for Android.

Are you ready to become a pro at playing Disney Crossy Road? Let’s take a closer look at these Disney Crossy Road cheats on how you can unlock all these special characters

Use this cheats to unlock all Disney Crossy Road Secret Characters:

To unlock all Disney Crossy Road Secret Characters, you will have to use this website. We have tested this method and it worked great for us, there is a lot of fake sites but this is the only one that actually worked. Please keep us posted about your result  :mrgreen:

Tap Behind The Character

One of the biggest obstacles in playing this game is choosing to tap in front of the character, the better option is to tap behind them. You will see that this is the best approach and is pretty easy once you get use to the technique.

Choose The Best Character For Your Favorite World

All the characters tend to play in more or less different worlds. While I love to play in the Big Hero 6 world I absolutely hate the Toy Story world, just a personal preference. You will find that some are easier and others more difficult depending on the various obstacles. Find your favorite world and take the time to master it. It is a waste of time to try and become a pro at all of them.

Landscape Mode

One of the most important tricks you can learn in Disney CR is to play in landscape mode which will allow you to see much more of the playing field and find the best route to safety.

Don’t Camp

I know it may seem like it is good ti camp, but in this game, it could lose it all for you. If you sit in one spot too long, the eagle will come down and snatch you up to end the game early! Take the time to strategize and make your move, but always stay on the move.

Learn Side-Stepping

If you try to wait for slow-moving vehicles it could prove to be your undoing. If you come across slow moving vehicles and have enough space around you, start swiping at the sides; this enables you o win more time and move faster. Just be certain to have a route ready and planned out.

Timing Your Jumps

There are always going to be time in Disney Crossy Road that you can easily travel long distances by going in one straight line. watch for these patterns and go the distance! You will also want to jump as close to the back of a car as possible before the nest one comes along. While it may look difficult and scary, you need to learn how to navigate through cars while on the road. Once you can master this the world of Disney Crossy Roads is yours! Just remember it is all about timing!

Don’t Worry About The Coins

Coins are important to some degree in this game as they are needed to unlock new characters, just don’t go out of your way for them. There are many that are too difficult to get and some just result in dead ends. The better option is to always be moving forward and grab the easy coins on your way. The longer you stay alive, the more coins you are going to acquire. When you end up with a game over message just because of a coin, it is a real downer!

Going Backward Can Work

This is a good strategy when dealing with rivers but can be done in other situations. It is a good strategy when you want to stay alive! If you can find the right opening, don’t be afraid of going back. When you are dealing with rivers, you can move forward by jumping onto a fast moving log that will take you to the other side of the screen, leaving you at the right opening.

These Disney Crossy Road Cheats will help you get the most out of your Disney Crossy Road gameplay and help you unlock cool secret characters. As you know this is a fun game that will give you hours of play. However, once you master the game it becomes a whole lot more entertaining! Did we miss anything? Have a great secret we don’t know about? Have some secret technique you figured out to unlock an awesome character? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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