Dictator: Emergence Cheats and How to Ace Politics

Interested with politics? Well, then here’s an equally interesting game to pass the time. Dictator: Emergence lets you dabble on the dynamics of a country’s affairs and aim to maintain your popularity up among various societal factions like the people, the oligarchs, police, army, etc. Make decisions and either please or displease any of these groups. Here’s our guide and Dictator: Emergence cheats list to help you please everyone under your rule and keep the power!

dictator Emergence cheats

Game objectives.

The ultimate objective is to prevent your subjects from overthrowing your government and to build a golden statue of yourself. Try to maintain a good balance of leniency and ruthlessness among various factions to prevent a revolution. Don’t get intimidated by the concept of the game, it’s actually quite fun once you have seen the tutorials.

Daily missions earn you gold!

Golden Tyrants are hard to obtain, but a good way to earn some is to complete daily timed tasks. If you are successful, then you’ll receive as much as 50 of these useful currency. You can also buy these using real money, but if you are patient enough and spend your coins judiciously, then you won’t even have to use real money just to enjoy this game.

Maintain your popularity.

You can get an idea how a particular faction views you by noting the report after each decision you make. Crosses and +/- points indicate how much a group likes you and how many points you’ve gained or lost from a decision that you just made. Aim for 10 black crosses and golden ones, which automatically nets you $20K each. It’s difficult to maintain multiple golden crosses among various factions, but if you can, then you’re on the right track!

Strike a good balance!

Never play favourites to avoid others from revolting against your rule. Equally provide them with attention and overlook some requests if you think that you’re giving a group more attention than usual.

You can’t please everybody.

A decision can make one or two groups happy, but can also make some feel neglected. So if you are not sure about the outcome, seek your Advisor to hint on what could happen if you make such decision. There will always be groups that would support or oppose each other, just make sure to decide in favour of those who think less highly of you on your next turn.

Use gold to buy extra sessions with your Advisor for those really useful hints. You can earn Tyrants from time to time by simply making decisions. Make sure to use your Advisor’s hints only to help you decide on really difficult choices, since it can be quite expensive to purchase a few more of them if you ran out.

Are you ready to show the people how effective of a dictator you are? Don’t wait too long and start your long and successful rule! Hope you found our Dictator: Emergence cheats and basic info useful. Comment below to help your fellow players if you have better strategies to share!

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