Dead Venture Cheats and Zombie Smashing Strategies


Do you love zombie-shooting games but are not too eager to see bloody and gory graphics? Here’s a great game to try if you do! Dead Venture is a cartoony game about saving the world from the undead. Don’t get fooled with the easy look and gameplay though, you can get stuck and swarmed by the living dead or run low on fuel by the side of the road. Read on to find out some of our Dead Venture cheats and basic guide to playing this awesome game.

dead venture

Game objectives.

The main objectives are to run zombies over with your car and to save survivors. Other aims are to unlock new stages, to upgrade your car and weapon, and to carry out post-apocalyptic missions and challenges.

Earn coins and special items.

The more zombies you kill, the more coins you earn, so head for that horde and run them over! But keep your eye out on your vehicle’s features like fuel and ammo because you don’t want to run out just before you complete your mission. And if you see the exploders charging towards you, flee! Especially if you don’t think that you’ll be able to finish them off. Don’t avoid those boxes as well, they contain useful items that you can use for future rides.

Complete your objectives cleverly and one at a time.

Finish easier objectives first to conserve fuel and avoid getting overwhelmed by zombies without completing anything. Take advantage of shortcuts to cut the distance that you need to travel and to avoid zombie hits and attacks against your vehicle just before you meet the boss. You can always kill them from a distance using your machine gun.

If you complete your mission before the time expires, then it’s the perfect opportunity to spend your unused bullets against the remaining zombies. This could earn you money to use for boosts and other fun stuff.

Play story mode.

Playing this mode can help you unlock new vehicles. Make the Behemoth your #ridegoal for an over-the-top zombie-slaying spree! Upgrade your current vehicle whenever possible. Boost your firepower, fuel-tank, and your vehicle’s speed and durability for a longer and more profitable drive.

Upgrade your vehicle before taking on missions by re-playing easy levels. This will help you save tons of coins to upgrade your vehicle’s features, so you can conduct missions continuously.

Zombies are not created equal!

Sure most of them just lug around aimlessly, changing their directions whenever your vehicle drives by. However, some zombies have special abilities and can take you down anytime. Some of them explode, whereas some can deal damage at a certain range. Defeat the stronger ones first, before the regular ones to ensure your vehicle’s safety and your mission’s success.

Use things around the area to round them up and kill them.

Loud timers, alarms, and bombs will attract and take down a group of dangerous zombies at once, so always keep your eyes open for these things and be ready to tap as you plough through the undead.

These are some of the things that you should know before playing this cutesy zombie game. Hope you enjoyed our Dead Venture cheats and tactics, comment below if you wish to add more!

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