Dawnbringer Cheats and Useful Reminders

Here’s an epic open-world RPG with good storyline, nice graphics, and a simple gameplay that you’ll surely enjoy.  The story starts as two angel-like brothers fall towards some sort of a planet.  The other seems to go crazy for power, and the other goes in pursuit of the mad brother and apparently, he also has to save the planet and defeat the demons that want to take over it.  Here’s our list of info and Dawnbringer cheats to help you banish the bad creatures and figure out how to get back to where they came from!

dawnbringer cheats

Read your enemy’s movements. 

Anticipate all of your opponent’s movements. It’s quite easy to predict the patterns. You’ll also naturally get hit a few times before you can memorise and think of ways to counter each of an enemy’s attacks. However, this is how you study your enemy’s movements and plan your next step just by looking at its stance.

Stun your opponent with a perfect parry. 

Upset your enemy’s swing by attacking head on in the same course. This will cause your opponent to get stunned briefly, and will allow you a small window moment to respond and attack.  With accurate timing, you’ll be able to throw a counter that results to a “Perfect Parry” that can reel and deal your enemy with more damage than usual.

Swipe ruthlessly.

Once you see your window of opportunity, swipe relentlessly when your opponent staggers and anticipate incoming attacks. Maintain accurate counterattacks for those perfect parries. You’ll eventually memorise the pattern of the fight and counter efficiently, so do not stop swiping until you finish your opponent. On the other hand, if you lost the rhythm, you can always stop and wait for another opportunity to counter an enemy’s strike for another perfect parry and successive attacks.

Collect and upgrade.

Using the black iron ash from the blue barrels, you can improve your gear and take on even tougher enemies. Do this quite often to earn more coins and bonus items as well. If you plan on playing the game for a long time, make sure to upgrade your skills and weapons early on because it can take a long while before they get fully upgraded.

Complete quests in the arena.

The arena is an important area where you can take on missions and earn bonuses. Quests can only be unlocked by completing the tutorial and it cools down for a few hours after each mission is completed.  Enable notifications, so that you’ll know when the next arena conquest will be.

Tap the blue barrels.

Obtain useful items and ingredients by tapping blue barrels and breaking them.  Upgrade weapons and shields by using the materials found in these barrels. Green barrels are also quite important, since they contain items that can replenish your health meter. They’ll come in handy if you need to take on another enemy immediately after the other, as well as prior to boss battles.

These are all the important Dawnbringer cheats and reminders for would-be demon-slayers out there. Share your tips with us by commenting below!

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