Damn Daniel Cheats, Tips, Strategies and Guides For All Gamers Out There

Playing Damn Daniel can be refreshing if you do not waste your time going back and forth because you could not go forward. The diverse Damn Daniel cheats, tips, guides and strategies can make your game easier and much better.


The game can be played in both iOS and Android platforms. It’s inexplicably unique because the gamer needs to overcome the goal collect as many gems as it can carry, unlock new characters and other elements that will make the game time easier. To do all of that, guides and tips are virtually needed and must be on board.

The game begins by when the player sets the blocks and resolves the challenges, but the main problem lies on how the blocks become complicated as the level goes higher and that’s where things began to take a different turn. To prevent yourself from constantly repeating, here are some of the tips and guides that you can use.

Do not Die

As much as possible, do not die while playing the game. Remember that if you die on a certain level, repeating the process is sometimes taxing and stressing, so as much as possible, do not die while playing the game.

Gather Gems

There are many ways to gather gems. You will soon find out that as you play, you will be given an option to watch an ad video so that you can earn 20 gems and then repeat the same process over and over again. The more gems you have, meant that you have watched more as well. So take a U-turn and spend sometime watching these ads so that you can gather gems.

Unlock Characters

Invest on unlocking new characters because they will be helpful as you progress through the game. All you need to do is gather 100 gems in exchange of unlocking one character. So, make it a point that you gather gems that will be used as payment system to unlock your needed characters.

Jumping is the Key

Make it a point to jump early instead of jumping too late. During the game, you will be required to jump one or two squares but in order for you to clear the spikes or cones on the game, you need to jump earlier because if you jump too late, you might fall, crash and fail to meet the desired square to jump on.

Also, you need to be thorough when you jump, be mindful of the spikes and the other items such as if they are similar or differ in shapes. As much as possible, do not double jump because when you do, there is a higher probability that you will fail. The problem with this game is strategy. If you don’t have effective strategies even in simple challenges such as jumping, you will not progress faster. If you want to beat the game, you need to be faster and able to be flexible as you jump through the spikes and other blocks.

Be Calm

The game is all about control and if you fail to control your moves and actions, then progressing through each level might be easier said than done. This game is very detailed to the core and it is important that you follow its lead as well. Take some moments to watch out for the hurdles and make it a point that as you play, you are calm so that you can better control your moves and commands.

Run with Caution

Yes, it is a fact that the game is all about caution and all about running. Run as fast as you can but at the same time, run with caution so that you don’t have to repeat your steps over and over again.

There you go, with these simple Damn Daniel cheats and tips, playing the game would be easier and it would also prevent you from repeating the levels time and time again.


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