Critical Ops Cheats and Guide for Beginners

If you are a fan of FP shooter games with a lot of teamwork features, then Critical Ops is a great game to try. Enjoy this exciting, highly-customisable, and intuitive game with players from around the world! Average graphics and gameplay, but a lot more challenging and realistic than the uber-popular Counter Strike, what more can you ask for? Here is our Critical Ops cheats and guide for beginners.

critical ops

Game objectives.

Win each battle, complete missions, and collect nice weapons and armour with your chosen team. These are the main goals of the game. One thing to consider before diving head-on into the game is that health does not regenerate and you’ll have to wait a certain time for a game mission to be completed before you can re-join for another round.

Stealth is important early on.

Initially, you would want to avoid experienced players with equally proficient team members and high-powered weapons by hiding. So tick the filter “Hide Cross Platform Rooms” before you start. If you get killed, watch how the best player works the game out. You could learn from the pros the next time you get another shot at the game.

Complete challenges.

Earn rewards like guns and armour from completing challenges and contests. In-app purchases for weapon skins are also available, you can either wait for a free weapon to be given to you after finishing one of these challenges—or buy one that you’ve been eyeing at.

Get to know your weapons cache.

Under Main Menu, click Loadout to view all the firepower that you are carrying. You are only allowed one each time, so knowing each item in your stash will always benefit you. Pick the weapon that is most appropriate for your style of attack.

Game modes.

There are several game modes to choose from and at it can be quite confusing at first, especially if it’s your first time to play this game genre. The Deathmatch is a “forgiving” mode for beginners and low-level players. You can always change the mode to a tougher one later on.

Tweak settings for your keyboard/joystick.

Game controls can be changed according to your preferences. Trigger buttons are easily modifiable to accommodate lefties and those who have simply found a more comfortable arrangement for important buttons.

Pick a good team and work together.

A critical element of this game is teamwork. Look for a great team to take you in and stick with it, no matter what. You can also communicate with other members from your team and discuss things about weaponry, flanking, other tactics, game plan, etc.

Be cautious and wait for other teammates to cover you.

Always reload and be cautious about running out of ammo. It takes a bit of time to reload once you ran out and this small window is enough for your enemies to shoot you or maim you with a dagger. Also, don’t go charging elsewhere on your own, wait for your team mates to cover you just in case a corner is crawling with enemies. The radar should tell you where most of the fighting is, but be wary of corners because enemies could jump out to ambush you anytime.

Practice your aim and always follow your teammates.

Shoot important body areas like the head, chest, back, and neck to take down the enemy instantly. Also, it is much easier to beat the game if you’re in a group. Someone will always watch your back. Sitting ducks are much easier to dispatch.

Find our Critical Ops cheats and guide for beginners useful? Comment below if you have more to add and to help other players get through the game!

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