Crazy Cars Chase Cheats to Avoid Getting Wasted!


Crazy Cars Chase is an open-world game that is a decidedly more wholesome take on the popular Grand Theft Auto. Here, the car gets chased by a bunch of vehicles that are trying to ram against it until it becomes “wasted” and is unable to move. All of these—minus the cussing and the mugging and you have an interesting game to play for hours without end. So here are Crazy Cars Chase cheats that we’ve compiled and some useful information as well.

crazy cars chase cheats

How to play the game.

The objective of the game is to drive different types of vehicles and avoid getting busted by anyone that pursues you as long as you can. Ambulance, police, and even tanks later on in the game may try to hit your rear, use pit manoeuvre, or anything to end the chase. So unlock all of the vehicles, full those who are in hot pursuit of your car, and take fun strolls around the open world.

There are two types of currencies.

Coins and katopoins are two game currencies to collect in the game. Buy cars using those coins and purchase items in-game. On the other hand, save the katopoins for special offers and for unlocking new vehicles and other awesome real-life rewards, especially if you’re in Japan.

How to earn points.

Stay as long as you can in the game and cause the enemies to run into structures or into each other to earn some points or game currency. Lead them to tight areas to cause them to crash or upset them. Drive over those ramps and hit or escape those who are chasing you to earn additional stars. Evade the lightning sent by the gods—yup, you read that right—in the tougher stages of the game.

Practice taking sharp turns.

Turning abruptly can help you avoid collisions and even dupe the chasers enough to cause an awesome pile up. Also, aside from causing them to crash against each other, you can try turning abruptly before hitting any obstacle like water, a slow-moving car, or a building to cause them to figure in an accident.

Crash into the enemy vehicles.

Avoid getting pinned by crashing into those who are in hot pursuit of you. However, only do this when it’s necessary because your vehicle will lose HP and might end up getting “Wasted!”

Some issues to expect in the game.

Some players complain of problems with stability, lagging and crashing while playing. Others also noticed that it could take quite a time to load. A good way to try to fix any of these issues is to constantly update the app until they get resolved.

So there you have it, experience a crazier version of the GTA right on your mobile devices. Remember though, to keep the game away from the young ones, we don’t want them to think it’s cool to break the rules to earn stars, do we? Hope you enjoyed our Crazy Cars Chase cheats, comment below if you have more tips to add.

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