Covet Fashion Cheats and Information For The Fashion Savvy

For those who have taken to playing Covet Fashion for all its glorious realistic collections of clothes, make-up, accessories, and hair styles, an upgrade is now available for you to enjoy. The better version has a new selection of all the good things for you to try. Here are our Covet Fashion cheats and information on how to get the newest version of this interactive game.

covet fashion cheats

How to Get the New Covet Fashion Hair and Makeup Styles

At present, this app is only available on iOS devices.  First, download the latest game version from the App Store to your iPhone or iPad.  Then, you need to accumulate a sizable closet value to enjoy newer hair styles.  Some hairstyles can be had free, while some new ones will require you to reach a certain closet value before you can unlock them. Unlocked styles are shaded and have a lock icon at the bottom as well.

Contests and Special Events

Contests and timed events can immediately help you earn up to $500, just for joining games.  You do not even need to win, but if you do, then that would be even better.  Jetset contests are fun and excellent for starters.  View a set of events by checking them out at the bottom of your page.  Earn decent scores and finish each set to earn 500 diamond pieces.  After you’ve done one Jetset contest, do it again, and then repeat until you’ve saved up enough closet value that you’re happy with.

Covet Fashion Cash Bonuses

Invite your friends to play for a quick and easy $1000 bonus on your coffers.  You can use this amount to purchase new styles to play with.

Make sure to invite friends who are absolutely new to Covet Fashion and have never used the app before, otherwise, you won’t get the bonus money.  Another condition to get the $1000 incentive is that your friends need to go online on FB while playing the game.    These are the two requirements for the generous $1000 bonus.  Imagine if you could convince five of your friends? Just don’t be too pushy, you don’t want them to disown you over an app.

Layer-up for Bonus Points!

Layering clothes during colder season will earn you stars or bonus points for both current season clothes and things and for unworn pieces.  For this reason, it is always great to layer-up for added points.  For example, cool seasons are a perfect time to wear leggings under trousers or a long-sleeved shirt under a tank.  The sky is the limit!  As long as it looks great and fashionable, then you could never go wrong with this game.

Benefit from Unused Clothes

Like a real closet, your Covet Fashion wardrobe can suffer from tons of unused items.  You can actually earn stars by using items that you’ve kept for long but haven’t worn once.  However, you need to shell around $150 to reset these clothes.  When you buy an item, a “Reset Unworn” button replaces the “Buy” button.  And when you decide to take advantage of this option, that item will then be tagged “never worn prior to”.  A really beneficial idea is to “reset unworn” expensive items because they give you the highest trade-off.  However, if you want your closet value to increase, do not buy things that you don’t need.

Perfect Stars for the Win

Join a contest over and over until you get at least 4 stars.  Better yet, always aim for a 5-star rating in timed events.  You will surely earn useful items that will add to your wardrobe’s value.  As you progress to a more challenging level, you’ll find yourself wanting to fulfil all of what is asked of you, but you should only buy what you need.  You can save your preferred items or favourite them so you can easily check them out later.

These are some of our Covet Fashion cheats and information.  Comment below if you have more that we haven’t included in this list.

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