The Counter of Death Cheats, Tips and Guide

Looking for a simple endless game with classic feels that will help you pass the time? Look no further! The Counter of Death lets you play a kung-fu master who needs to rescue his girl by defeating enemies that come your way. It is loosely based on popular Kung-Fu real-life characters like Bruce Lee and his archrival Chuck Norris. Can’t wait to try to be in their shoes? Here’s our The Counter of Death cheats list to help you start!

the counter of death cheats tips and guide

Game features and objectives.

The objective is to go as far as you can in the game, counter-punching enemies and dodging random star shurikens along the way. Earn much spirit to spend on boosts and modifications. The game is predictable, but it does not mean that it is an easy game to complete. You need to hit the arrow up button if you see the enemy use his right fist, and the arrow down button if you see the enemy strike using the left fist. You start out with two hearts on your health bar and that’s it—you try to counter as many enemies by luck or pure skill. Get hit with a fist, you lose a heart; get hit with a shuriken, you lose another.

Unlock turbo.

This mode is a lot tougher, but it will allow you to rack up more points using less punches or hits than the regular mode. Score ten thousand points in a single run and you will be able to enjoy this mode-on-roids!

How to counter shurikens.

Punches and fist strikes are quite easy to anticipate. However, shurikens are a different matter. Those flying metal sharps are fast and usually come out when you least expect them. To counter them, hit the arrow down button for low-flying shurikens, and hit the arrow up button for those flying at eye-level. It gets even more difficult when they appear out of nowhere, so be cautious and don’t let your guard down!

Game currency.

The game currency is called a spirit. You gain one when you effectively subdue an enemy. You can use spirit for power-ups or upgrades. You can also improve your HP capacity. Buy more hearts, so you will go even farther on your next run and earn more bonuses for being able to stay longer into the game!

How to earn more bonuses.

Watch ads to earn more game currency and other bonuses. If you think ads are annoying, you can get a paid app that is free from ads, so you can play without interruption. However, this is not absolutely necessary. These ads, if anything, allow you to rack up spirit and buy more upgrades to improve your run and counter-punches!

There you have it. Hope you find our list of The Counter of Death cheats useful. Comment below if you have other techniques that you would be happy share with our fellow players and don’t forget to check out other games featured in our site!

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