Cooking Fever Cheats

Playing cooking fever is easy when you have the right tips, cheats and guides to guide you through. If you don’t, that’s when the hurdle becomes more difficult. If you want to enjoy the game, you need these Cooking Fever cheats and tips to see you through. It is a mobile gaming application that allows you to balance your time, and be more cautious in using effective measures during your game time.

Cooking fever was first created with a sole purpose of bringing a new experience that would allow gamers to appreciate cooking, managing and becoming a top-notch chef. It is not just your reflexes that are tested but even your cooking skills are placed to the test as well. Also, as you play through the game, you will notice that you would develop growing attachments to the game and it can even affect your game time.


So there you go, with these cooking fever cheats, tips and guides, the next level would be smooth sailing, less complex and more thrilling as well. However, if you fail to implement certain measures, you would also encounter a dead wall and that is something you need to overcome. Nevertheless, don’t be discouraged as these tips and guides will surely skyrocket you through higher levels and grant you easy passage as you play the game.

To gain an upper hand, you need to make sure that you got all things down. First, when playing cooking fever, strategy is the best most important. Since the game is all about having the food delivered on time, cooked on time, gaining coins and gems, its just a matter of time before the stress sets in and the challenges becomes unbearable.

So how to deal with the pressure that playing cooking fever can bring and build your prestigious restaurant? Here’s the latest tips and guides that you can make use of. First off:

Never waver and Don’t lose Your Cool

When playing cooking fever, being level headed is important. You need to ensure that every level, your mind is focused on the game so that you can implement the right course of strategies especially in cooking and meeting timelines. So, if you want your restaurant to have a cheerful look, maintain your cool and keep all of those foods delivered on time. When you lose control, that is the time that you would not be able to see things in a better perspective, so make sure that your always cool headed while playing the game. Don’t be irrational with each level hurdle but always be nonchalant and have a level-headed composure.

Prepare the Food Earlier


Don’t wait for the last minute to cook your food or set your drinks. With cooking fever, time is of the essence which is why you need to make sure that you are cooking earlier and save the cooked food so that when customers come to dine, you can serve the food immediately, thus saving time and effort as well as the probability of losing your customers, and not gaining satisfaction from them.

Although it is a fact that you are only given limited resources, you can always opt to cook them first and set them aside such as the hot dogs or the hamburger.

Prioritize on Buying the Time Reduction

Don’t waste your money and gems over unnecessary upgrades. Focus on upgrading the time reduction updates first. For instance, the upgrade that reduces the preparation as well as the time of cooking is the most beneficial of all. Consider on buying the cola dispenser and then proceed on buying the burger pan as well as the grilling pan and other utensils for the kitchen that can make the cooking faster and keeping the customers happy and in line.

The main reason why you need to prioritize on buying these upgrades is because it can help you to deal with the swarming customers in forthcoming levels.

Use the Money to Set Time on a Slower Pace

If you want to set the time on a slower pace, you can do it by setting money on the table and let it linger there for awhile and use that to make time more slower. The reason for this is that when you are playing, leaving the money out for awhile will give you more time and thus set you to be more prepared when another batch of customers dine in.

Interior Design is the Key

Do you want to make your customers happy? Make sure that you are investing in your interior designs because it has the capability to make your customers happy and saves you time as well. The interior designs that you have brought can even push your customers to be more cheerful while waiting in line.

Also, keep these things in mind. Such as when you buy interior upgrades, it can give you bonuses.

Also, it can increase your clients that come in a day. Also, while the customers are waiting in line, the interior upgrades can boost their patience even higher. Not only does it generate cheerfulness’ but it increases the tip amount from your customers as well.

Aim High and Gain Gems

With this game, being placed on the same spot is not the right choice, you need to level up and aim higher. Not only that, you need to gain more gems because the gems can act as your life raft while playing. Also, it can improve the way you cook and the way you manage your restaurant

As it stands out, you are given 1-5 gems as you progress higher and attain another level. Make sure that each time you gain gems, you are using it wisely so that you can use these gems in the coming levels that requires more assistance and upgrades that only your saved gems can provide.

There you go, with these latest cooking fever cheats and tips, you are now on you’re way to becoming the top-notch chef. Just remember that with cooking fever, strategies, patience, tools and guides as well as luck can render you good results and better game time. With all of these cooking fever cheats, tips and guides, every play time would be easier, faster and smoother.

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