Cooking Dash 2016 Cheats

The newly Cooking Dash 2016 is here and comes full packed with challenges. However, you might notice that as you play in the game,  you cannot seem to go forward because the challenges you knew are not the same ones that you know in the past and it has change to more sophisticated ones. Also, the game has upgraded, this is the reason why Cooking Dash 2016 Cheats, Tips and Strategies are here to help you along the way. If you haven’t played this game, you can download it here for iOS and here for Android.


The legacy that Cooking Dash has resonated through time and now it is backs once more with the latest upgrades and innovations. If you want to win the game’s level, you need to be witty and you need to use the varying Cooking Dash 2016 Cheats, Tips and Strategies to come out triumphantly.

Follow the Basic

Follow the basic and the commands; do not sway away from it. When you are able to master the basic elements of this game, the game is easier said than done. You will also notice that you can progress faster when you know the workarounds and the different basic commands as well.

Make use of the tip


cheats are helpful but you need to ensure that you are using the tip in such a way that is gained at the right time.

As you very well know, when your customers are done eating, the happier they are, but do not collect tips right away, collect tit at the same time as the rest. The vital tool with this game is the pacing and the time, you need to ensure that even in getting the tip, the pace and the time are precise and concrete.

Plan in Serving

The game is all about consistency. The more consistent you are, the better. In your serving time, you need to plan ahead and strategize you bring the food and beverages to your customers because without proper planning, you might lose time and you might eventually lose the levels.

Take Advantage of the Cookcookingdash2016cheats2

You are spending money on your cook to hasten the serving process and one way to make use of the cook is to ensure that he is always cooking and always on the go. For instance, you can provide all of the essentials so that when the need arise, your cook is already ready to deliver what your customers needed.

Opt to Buy the Grandma App

Although it may cost you real money, you can hasten the activity in your kitchen and diner with the Grandma app. The app will replace the prep chef and the grandma app automatically prepares dishes and ensures that you are fully stocked with everything you need. It might be expensive but it can save you 50 percent of work.

Give Your Game Time Big Minutes

If you are still stabilizing your game, give or take 30-60 minutes of your time so that you can attain game stability. Given the fact that the game is played by an energy system, you might notice that the first early levels, your energy levels are easily filled up so at that time, you can give more time to progress faster.

These are just some of the Cooking Dash 2016 Cheats, Tips and Strategies to assist you along the way. Enjoy the game and stay tune for more updates about this game.

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