Cookie Clicker Cheats

Playing Cookie Clicker is somewhat challenging and at the same time, very tiring. If you don’t have the Cookie Clicker cheats and tips, playing this game will be taxing and tricky on your end.

However, in the online gaming arena, a few tricks can assist you in all that. Here are some of the Cookie Clicker cheats that can help you in each level and attain supremacy in your game time. If you haven’t played this game yet, you can download Cookie Clicker for iOS and Cookie Clicker for Android. 


As you may have known, Cookie Clicker can be addictive which is why as you gain momentum, make sure that each stage is skyrocketing with achievements and awards, gain an upper hand. This game is all about collecting cookies, which is why you need to gain as much cookies as you can. One thing to note, it might look easy on the outside, but there are so many things to overcome on the outside.

How to do that? Here are some of the tips and tactics to assists you along the way.

Tapping as the Main Strategy

Tapping may seem pointless for you but with this game, tapping should be your first main line of strategy. Using your multiple fingers, tap as much as you can. Better yet, tap it using your four fingers and gain mastery over it. If you tap with four, you can gain gigantic amounts of cookies and at the same time, help you be more comfortable with the tapping process. All the same, the faster you are in tapping, the higher the probability of gaining more points.

Use the Power-Up and Upgrades

With this game, strategic approach is vital, so you need to grab hold of the power click power-up. Don’t do anything yet but focus on it at first.  The reason for this is to push the chances of gaining permanent multipliers for your cookies. Also, it is less complex and easy to do. In such a case, one upgrade of a power clicks will render double dosage of multiplier. If you implement another upgrade ads of 4x, it will progress even higher upgrades.

Be Wary of the Super Cookie

With this game, being wary at all times is needed. You need to be vigilant in getting a super cookie because sometimes it just appears without a moment’s notice. Once it appears and falls down, immediately tap on them and expect that a reward such as a big cookie is lingering on the sideline.

Keep Watch of the Cookie Meter

Do you want to have more cookies and bonus ones as well? You need to keep watch over the cookie meter. The cookie meter can help you gather more bonus cookies. Once it reaches its optimum level, it will release a warning, when you hear the alarm, click it as soon as you can because it can generate a surprising number of cookies and with it, the sky is the limit.

Invest on Powerclick and Autoclick

If you want to attain more with this game, investment is the key. Spend your resources on automatic clicking options such as the Powerclick and the AutoClick. It may require more of you but the ending point, it can help your game to shift to a whole new level.

Invest on Factories

The game requires the increasing your cookie productions, so make sure that you are investing on the right places.  To do that, you need to place your resources on strengthening the factories. You can begin to make use of that by utilizing grandma first, since she is the most affordable one.

You can then invest more by getting C-Robot as well as the CookieFarm. The rule of the game is looking ahead and investing on the future.

Use Facebook

Ironic as it may seem but you can gain more cookies by clicking Facebook as well as downloading applications that the game developer has strongly suggested since it can generate more cookies for you as well.

Strategize if You Want to Win

The golden rule with this game is to constantly strategize in order to win. You need implement certain measures to win the game. And one way to do that is to strategize. Here are some general strategies to help you along the way.

  • Set the game on a visible tab in your browser, in that way, you can always monitor the counters and the right course of action such as in buying or adjusting the settings of the game.
  • Stock up on grandmas. Irritating as it may seem but the upgrades are not that bad at all. It’s you road to easy access and better game time.
  • Save up and invest in technological upgrades. The reason that you need to upgrade is to match the rising challenges per game level, so it is important that you save on resources and invest in updating your tech gear.
  • Utilize your extra cursor to improve game time.
  • Use the option milk while playing the game.
  • Save your games so that you can export and import them. Also, it can serve as your assurance that your game is not lost.
  • Look for golden cookies by strolling horizontally.
  • Focus on efficiency at the beginning of the game.

Plan each level

It is important to note that each game level is vital. For the beginning part, Clicking is the main line of defense. For the mid-level, invest in shipments because they can serve as your source of income. You can also try to build alchemy buildings to sustain you along the way. As for the last level, you need to focus on buying portals as well as later upgrades. Make sure that at the end of the line, you are equipped to counter each challenge and overcome the last level.

With Cookie Clicker, the more strategies you have, the better. So make use of these Cookie clicker cheats to assist you along the way. It may seem difficult at first but with practice, timing and the right resources, you can make sure that each level is easy flowing and more fun than before.

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