Con Man: The Game Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

If you absolutely dream of working in a comic con, whether fictional or not, then this game is a great starting point, so to speak. Con Man: The Game is a unique management simulation game, and the goal…? To prepare for the best convention ever: Shock-a-Con! This game is based on a show and you will be required to take out the trash, cover nudists, build your facility and expand it, and more! So what are you waiting for? Here is our list of Con Man: The Game hack and cheats, to experience your dream job at its best!

con man the game hack, cheats

Earn money from booths!

Like any management game, you’ll start out really small at Con Man, and then eventually build your booths and facility, until people come in droves to come to your convention, and even buy from your booths and vendos and other services. Initially, you may be reluctant to spend all your cash for these establishments, but if you do, it will be the best decision you’ll make. This is how you’ll make more money out of your comic con.

Booth placement.

Careful when you place your booths, vendos, and other effects on the floor, you can’t drag them wherever you like once they hit that mat. So make sure to know beforehand where you want to place a particular booth before making a move. You can always demolish them later if you want to maximise your space, but if you can already fix and estimate each of their locations, then that’s certainly a much better thing to do.

Place trash bins strategically.

People seem to complain about the trash more often if they’re placed where people congregate. So make sure to keep them in corners or in areas that are less likely to have people coming together. Also, buy as many trash bins as you can!

Toilets are just as important!

If you don’t want people to complain and give you bad feedback, build plenty of them and place them around the area. The more people you entertain on the floor, the more toilets and wash rooms you may need for your comic con!

Assign tasks to people if you won’t be around for long.

The game will run on its own even when you decide to quit, so assign tasks for your staff to do in case you won’t be around. Take for example that nude granny, you can even hire more staff for cheap, as long as things are taken care of.

Fight aliens strategically.

Initially, your hero will need to fight just one alien. However, as you go along, the aliens will increase and will take you to a turn-based battle. Take out one of them first, so you won’t have to endure two aliens attacking you and your partner at the same time.

Recharge your Superheroes’ HP.

Recover some HP for your Superheroes by logging out of the game for a few minutes. However, if you want to earn tons of cash and XP, spend more time playing and use tickets to return your heroes to full health.

That’s all for our Con Man: The Game hack and cheats. Don’t forget to comment below if you have more to add!

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