Combo Quest 2 Cheats and Guide to Vanquishing Evil from the Realm

Combo Quest 2 is an exciting arcade game where you tap to launch physical attacks against opponents. In this game, instead of a typical full-bar cooldown for attacks and skills, you wait for the bar to hit random coloured squares and rectangles on the meter and hit the screen to launch the attacks. Embark on a quest to unlock and collect all companions, heroes, gems, equipment, and weapons. Here are our Combo Quest 2 cheats to help you restore the Realm!

combo quest 2 cheats

Upgrade whenever you can!

Improve your heroes’ abilities and skills by upgrading whenever possible. You can view the panel from the Main Menu and select the features that you want to level up!  You can upgrade any or all of the following: Health, Power, Combo Power. As you progress deeper into the game, even Critical hits can be improved. You can also upgrade your chances of receiving rare items, as well as of getting revived.

Always pay attention to the long bar.

Right smack in the middle of the screen is a bar that lets you know when to tap and launch an attack. It also tells you to get ready for an incoming enemy counter, just by timing and tapping when the blue bar hits the coloured squares. Your strikes are represented by green and yellow, whereas the enemy strikes are represented by red squares.  You can dodge the enemy strikes by tapping on them as well.

Launch combo attacks for more damage and XP. 

Sometimes, purple squares also appear on the bar. When this happens, tap at them quickly to quicken the cool down, and then swipe to the right to deal damage from a really cool combo attack. You can also wait for the bar to fill up, and then swipe to the right for awesome combo damage and XP!

Another use for the cool down is to strengthen the damage dealt by special attacks. All you need to do is postpone a special attack for the moment, and then swipe to the right when the bar fills up!

Complete your quests.

Like many level-up RPG games, you need to be a certain level in the game to unlock more heroes, companions, missions, and items. The more levels you complete, the more exciting the challenges and the stages become.

Play over and over for more coins and keys! 

Coins and keys are important because you can be allowed to participate in challenges in exchange for them. If you’ve used up all of your keys from playing, do not worry because you can collect coins to buy more keys by playing easy levels/stages again and again. Also, challenge levels are very important because you can earn rare items and better rewards for completing them.

Lots of people turned into fans when this game first came out. In this version, expect even better heroes, opponents, items and challenges to come your way! Thanks for checking out our Combo Quest 2 cheats. If you have more strategies to give away to fellow players, share them by commenting below!

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