Combo Critters Cheats Basic & Guide to Evolution

Combo Critters is a fun and colourful game that involves collecting and evolving characters, fighting opponents, and unlocking new worlds for even better evolutions! Discover new monsters with cute monikers and conquer the Critters World with your powerful team. Here’s our basic guide to evolving those little monsters and Combo Critters cheats to help you through the game.

combo critters cheats

Game objectives.

The idea is to evolve your initial critter, defeat the others, collect, and evolve them into even more powerful ones. Sounds like a lot, but it’s really simple. Others even think that game play is a lot like Pokemon’s.

Collect all possible critter combinations whenever you can.

Initially, evolution options can be limited, but as you go along, you can discover a lot of different ones with varying degrees of health and attack power. Try to combine combo critters more than you evolve first-level ones. The more you combine previously evolved ones, the better your critters will turn out.

Save tons of coins for upgrading.

Coins are used for upgrading and evolving your base critters—this is essentially your objective, so don’t waste your coins indiscriminately. Capture only those that you can and only spend those coins for evolving your team.

Avoid stronger enemies.

Getting beaten is okay, but don’t do it all the time! You can always hit the run button if you see that your stats are no match against the enemy. Also, notice how smaller critters avoid you on the map? These monsters are likely to be weak, so challenge and defeat them if you have plenty of time. You can earn coins and collect fallen enemies for use in evolution.

Collect coins.

You can net free coins from viewing ads for use in healing and evolving your team of monsters. So watch when you see one, it doesn’t take too long to view each of the ads.

Combining your critters automatically heals them.

After each battle, you may be given the opportunity to collect the fallen critter and combine it with your injured one. Doing so will automatically improve their health and attack power as well.

Compare possible critter combinations.

Combining critters can result to a mediocre upgrade or an extraordinary one. Take note of the resulting health and attack before hitting the evolve button. Compare it with other critters that you have and pick the ones that will result to the best stats when combined.

Play over and over.

Going through completed levels again and again can help you save lots of coins for upgrading/evolving, so don’t be lazy to replay done stages. Moreover, if the opponent proves too tough to beat, you can toughen up by repeatedly evolving until such time that your stats match the bigger critter’s numbers. Then you can go back one last time and beat that little monster.

These are all our Combo Critters cheats and basic guide to evolving your team critters. Comment below to add more tips and to help fellow players enjoy the game better!

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