Full Guide To Clash Royale Free Gems

clashroyalefreegemsIn this post, i will show you different ways to get Clash Royale Free Gems, all you have to do is follow my instruction closely. All methods are absolutely free and extremely scalable, you can literally get unlimited amount of gems so make sure you share our Clash Royale free gems methods to all your friends. So lets get started.

Acquire 100% Clash Royale free gems using AppBounty


A lot of you might have already heard of this, Appbounty is an app which you download apps to gather points, then use these points to exchange for iTunes gift cards.

The good things about Appbounty is that they update very frequently, it means that you will have more apps to download –> more points to earn and more iTunes cards to exchange.

As you go through the exchange reward, you will see it is pretty easy to obtain a $5 gift card, which you can buy a nice ton of gems with it. You should be able to obtain your first $5 gift card within your very first day of using it. Let’s save some of your time, please go ahead to this Appbounty and get started.

Not a perfect method to acquire free Clash Royale gems i know, but it is absolutely free and 100% scalable.

Getcashforapps is another nice way to get Clash Royale free gems:


Getcashforapps is similar to Appbounty, you earn points by downloading apps and use those points to exchange for free iTunes gift cards or Google play cards.

I prefer the system of Getcashforapps, since it is a lot easier to download free apps, however they are not updated that often compare to Appbounty, but it is still a nice free way to get unlimited amount of gems for Clash Royale though.

Wait, what about Freemyapps? Is it a nice place to get free gems too?


Absolutely, Freemyapps is absolutely a good place to get free gems for Clash Royale, they have $1 Amazon gift card in case you interested, they also have direct 3000 free gems for Clash Of Clash, if that interests you.

Anyway, if you haven’t heard about Freemyapps, they have pretty similar system compared to the Appbounty and Getcashforapps. All you have to do is download free apps to earn points and exchange them for the the award you want.

With the about 3 methods, you should be able to acquire at least $15 worth of gift cards, iTunes or Google Play, which you can use to buy whole ton of free gems in Clash Royale. Not the perfect method i know, but let’s move to the killing method if you are really really lazy for all the hassles to get free gems. 

A killing method to get unlimited amount of Clash Royale Free Gems:

This is the method that i like the most, instead of spending a whole day downloading apps to earn $5, you can use this method to get unlimited amount of gems as fast as possible.


Please note: the only drawback about this method is that you will have to fill out a survey/ offer to unlock the content, i know, most of it doesn’t work, i can’t guarantee that it works neither because i don’t own the site obviously. It worked out great for me the last time i tried, it is free anyway so that is why i think it is well worth testing out. All you have to do submitting an email only anyway =)

Here is my detail guide to get unlimited Clash Royale free gems:

  1. Go to this online generator page.
  2. Enter your username/ gamecenter username.
  3. Enter the amount of gems that you want to generate.
  4. Click generate
  5. Verify you are human with survey/ offer, this is where i was talking about.
  6. After that it is pretty much done.

It is a pretty easy and simple process to generate unlimited amount of gems, the survey literally took me 30s to fill, so it well worth it  for me.

Alright, that is it for this post guys, i hope you enjoy my Clash Royale free gems guide, if you have any questions please feel free to ask, i will try my best to answer all your questions.


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