Chaos Chronicle Cheats, Tips and Guide

Want a classic turn-based game to pass the time with? Chaos Chronicle is a great game that has all the elements you need for a great RPG. Collect, train, and level up heroes to build a really powerful house to take down those dark forces that roam in the kingdom. Here is our Chaos Chronicle cheats guide to help you get started!

chaos chronicle cheats, tips and guide

Don’t skip the tutorials and play daily!

The most basic tips of any RPG is to never skip the instructions and to play every single day to earn awesome bonus items, gold, social points, rubies, contracts, and currency, among others. All of these may be used for upgrades and to improve your game in general. Play in seven consecutive days, and you will be rewarded with awesome items!

On the other hand, tutorials will help you get to know the basic icons and buttons that you will most frequently use throughout the game.

Familiarise yourself with the hot keys for a more efficient gameplay.

A big part of enjoying the game is acquainting yourself with the different (tons!) of icons that litter the screen. Everything will be easy

Quests and missions!

The quest icon is where you would like to wind up in if you want to level up and improve your character. There are different types of quests to do and you can choose which one to prioritise each time! Keep in mind that quests expire, so you might as well try to complete those that offer awesome rewards like gems and equipment. On the other hand, missions don’t have time limit and they do not expire. Both, however, can be completed based on a hierarchy.

Upgrade and gain new heroes/contracts.

Upgrading heroes is a way to battle it out with your enemies easily. There is really no other way but to play over and over, collect items and currency for upgrade and well, gain even more powerful heroes. You can do this meeting certain requirements throughout the game—you will eventually encounter the heroes that you need in your team. Also, by completing extraordinary missions like playing for 28 consecutive days, or something like that. Rare heroes may be had by finishing each chapter and just by playing continuously.

Send out a good mix of heroes each time.

Keep your party balanced by sending out heroes with varied abilities. Consider how your team will fare in terms of damage, defence, magic, etc. and always know what each of your characters are capable of, so you can use their powers and abilities optimally.

Ways how to earn rubies.

Rubies are extremely important in this game because you can never get new contracts without these. You can earn them by earning perfect stars and going to tougher missions, giving your friends social points, etc.

So there you have our list of Chaos Chronicles cheats and basic guide for building a very powerful house in the Kingdom. What are you waiting for? Defeat those evil forces now and enjoy powering up your chosen heroes and equipment. Do comment below if you want to add more tips and strategies!

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