Card Wars Kingdom Cheats, Tips and Strategies

Here’s a popular Cartoon Network tie-in app that you will surely enjoy. Based on the Adventure Time series, the Card Wars Kingdom allows you to play your character cards versus another’s, hence, the name of the game. Complete your deck of Adventure Time characters, along with others, and with their awesome powers and abilities, fight for the Kingdom’s glory! Here is our list of Card Wars Kingdom cheats and basic info to help you enjoy the game better.

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Game features and objectives.

This game will require you to collect the best characters, battle them out with your opponents, win and claim your right to the kingdom. If you’re not familiar with the Card Wars game, then don’t skip the tutorials and learn whatever you can. Like any other game, you’ll first be given the basics and then you will be required to carry out missions.

Learn the ropes.

You will be given random cards at the beginning of the game. Each card describes what a creature can do and you can choose the creature element that you want to go with. Your creatures will battle it out with your opponent’s using magic spells, physical attacks, and more…Earn gems from these tasks and purchase useful items and power-ups. Missions are generally about completing a certain number of levels, reach a certain level of energy, etc. Go on daily missions to rack up on gems. And if you want to net more gems, then complete Global missions.

Play daily.

Log in daily to earn items from skeleton chests. You will find this box of free items in the Treasure Cave. You can also earn a rare character, if you are extra lucky. You can also play against your friends or lend them your strong characters, if they need to defeat a stronger opponent. On the other hand, you can also use their stronger creatures to help you push your cause. You can earn big bonuses for helping your friends with your creatures.

Understand the different character types and elements.

Some cards centre on recovery, whereas some deal negative effects against enemies. Always consider these elements and keep a good balance of characters with different skills and abilities.

Some card combinations have synergistic effects like increased strength, double-teaming capabilities, and group attack. On the other hand, some creatures have low physical attack, but excellent magic attack. Choose three creatures that have high drag or that deal lots of physical damage to win the battles each time. Keep the match on for a long time, and you’ll receive much higher points as reward.

Get to know the effectiveness of different builds by experimenting on them. Knowing your characters’ abilities is a way to discover your techniques. Also, feed characters with the appropriate element in mind to earn extra bonuses.

Floop when there’s no other way.

Spell cards allow you to play floop, which is a powerful ability that can instantly defeat enemies. So wait for the right moment before dealing that coup de grace!

Retire useless characters.

Maintain balance among your team members and fuse useless creatures to improve their abilities. Make sure to level up most or all of your creatures equally.

There goes our list of Card Wars Kingdom cheats and basic info for beginners! Comment below to add more.

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