Bushido Bear Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Like cuddly and fluffy creatures? Here’s one cute sword-wielding animal in the forest that you will surely love: enter, Bushido Bear! Help the bears defend the sacred land by defeating the demons. Here is our simple guide and Bushido Bear Cheats to help you stay in the game and fight for quite some time.

bushido bear cheats

Game objectives.

Survive as long as you can into the game by slicing and slaying monsters and demons that want to trouble the hallowed forest and its good folks. Unlock and collect all bears, upgrade weapons, and score high to beat the game.

Know what you can and cannot do.

The game is very straightforward, slice in different directions but avoid touching the enemies, especially the once moving from underground. The game and your level will reset when this happens, but you can always try again and beat your last game’s stats.

Choose your bears and complete your missions.

Choose any three of the awesome bears to go on a mission. You can unlock many them by playing up to a certain level of the game and completing missions. Like any other game, completing missions can net you bonus XP, game currency, some awesome items, and power-ups.

Play daily.

Play every day and try to finish all of the challenges given. You can unlock new stages more quickly and collect great items and coins for each time that you play. You can check when the next mission will be available.

Slice—don’t tap.

Slicing through your foes is the only way to kill them. Don’t be like us and remember NOT to tap/touch/end up next to an enemy, or you’ll go meet the bear maker (RIP)! Also, try to slay as many in just one go, you’ll earn points and possibly even power ups for doing a combo.

No rush!

Dodging and taking your time are two important things you also need for this game. When you clearly see your foes in an easy line to swipe, then go ahead and do it. Just make sure to avoid rocks and crawling enemies. Just one clean slice is all you need!

Power-ups appear out of nowhere.

Be extra keen in looking for-and-slicing power-ups since these can help you stun or kill many at a time. Armours, cool slow-mo effects, and shockwaves—these are only some of the awesome stuff that your bears can do at any given time.

Watch ads for freebies.

Watch annoying videos for few short minutes each time to receive a gift! You can unlock bears using some of the gifts—so don’t complain about these videos and don’t be lazy to watch.

Upgrade your bears.

Pick three favourite bears and prioritise them for upgrades. Instead of upgrading all of them, just concentrate on your three favourites and boost them, by picking the best Dojos for them so that they’re at their strongest. When it’s no longer possible to upgrade them, that’s when you should resume unlocking all of the other cute bears by donating to the Shrine.

These are some of the most basic things you need to know about the game. You can customise if you wish and if you have other Bushido Bear cheats to share, don’t be shy to comment below!

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