Bump Hero Cheats, Tips and Guide

Are you looking for a game with an absolutely simple concept, but challenges you to move perfectly each time? Bump Hero is a great game that will test your patience, vision, and your tapping skills! You play the role of a chef out to look for animals to include in your stash of ingredients. This ZPlay game is typically quirky, simplistic, but super challenging. Can’t wait to get started? Here is our Bump Hero cheats roll to get you going!

bump hero

Game objectives, features, and mechanics.

This game is straightforward. The objective is to collect as many coins and animals as you can and to avoid falling off the framework of square floors. You tap left or right to move your character a step closer to the boxy animals like chickens, cows, and pigs. All you need to do is “bump” them to collect and include them in your supply.

Accuracy is key.

Accuracy is key in perfecting the game. It will also help if you have quick fingers and excellent visual acuity (not kidding!) to instantly view in your mind how many times you need to tap a certain direction quickly to get to the animal. You can’t be too cautious and move about slowly because there is a bar that turns red if you do, and it will somehow pressure you to move quickly.


Tap continuously, quickly, and accurately to set off animals in frenzy! This will drive more animals to show up for you to collect. However, don’t be too hasty because if you go one extra step and miss the floor, you’re gone and the game resets. Long straight lines will allow you to hit fever more safely, so tap very quickly if you happen upon an open area.

Sustain that frenzy by bumping more animals. This will prolong the mode and earn you more points for that best score. It will also help if you position your hands/fingers on either side of the screen for that snappy transition when moving in between tiles!

Fast-moving animals are dangerous to your health.

You can either lose your steam (always check that annoying bar) or fall off trying to chase these small and nippy animals! If you want to go far, don’t take too much risk or you’ll end up starting over and over.

Game currency.

Coins are important, so you must collect if you see one. You can use them to purchase lives and start on the last tile you took before you overstepped. You can opt to continue if you are close to beating your high score, whereas you can just let the game reset if you are still far off. This way, you’ll be able to save those important lives to use to move you closer to your goal.

These are some of the most basic things that you need to remember when playing this game. Want to add more to our list of Bump Hero cheats? Go ahead and comment below!

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