Build Away Cheats, Tips and Strategies

Set up a town that people will adore and earn coins and love.  Build Away is a fun and addictive game that lets you construct, upgrade, and expand an area to metropolis status.  It’s a pretty simplistic game, but don’t think that the building and expansion will be as easy as tap-tapping your screens.  You’ve got to unlock new areas and build progressively, and it’s usually the constant checking that’s the hardest thing to do but there is a way to automate things.  Here are our tips, strategies, and Build Away cheats to help your town become the most legendary there is!

build away cheats

Focus on increasing your energy level!

Although it’s quite tempting to first collect all the profits that appear once you built houses and buildings, it is more advisable to improve your energy level, which will eventually also improve the revenues you earn for each establishment.  Each level-up progression will cost you more money.  Also, make sure to upgrade construction and power levels equally so that each establishment can hold revenues longer before you have to collect manually.

Ideally, you should upgrade your power level ahead of construction levels before moving on to a new stage to earn more.


You may automate the revenue collection by tapping an establishment and activating it for a particular amount.  Do this to all of your establishments so that revenues will accrue continuously and you won’t lose time earning more money.

Race to reach milestones and briefcases

Double your revenues for a couple of hours and add extra time by viewing ads, if you see some.  Improved revenues can help you reach milestones more quickly and eventually earn you freebies like briefcases.

Briefcases can contain cards that may be exchanged for new buildings or currency used for building more establishments in your town.  You may also buy briefcases, but note that they will only get more expensive each time you do.  Purchase and improve all 25 establishments, once you’ve collected enough of the same building card.

Collect hearts

In Build Away!, love upgrades is just as important as other types of upgrades in increasing revenues.  Earn love by inviting friends on FB to play the game or by swapping buildings and houses.  You can also get them from bonus briefcases or daily gifts that people in your network send you.  A good thing to note is to keep a good supply of hearts even after upgrading to continue increasing your profits.

The best way to earn hearts, by the way, is to switch or swap buildings.  The construction and power levels will reset, but the profit upgrade will help you earn more quickly as long as you keep a healthy number of hearts or love in your supply.  Do this repeatedly and you’ll surely earn enough hearts to improve revenues and build more awesome establishments in your city.

Let us know if you have something to add to our tips, strategies, and Build Away! cheats list.  We’d love to hear from you!

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