Bud Farm Grass Roots Cheats and Helpful Tips

Bud Farm is a fun and humorous take on the typical level-up farming game, where you plant seeds, water, sell produce, and improve farm equipment.  Grow various types of weeds and turn your decrepit farm into a thriving plantation.  So here’s our Bud Farm Grass Roots cheats and helpful tips to help get your farm up and running in no time.

bud farm grass roots cheats

Basic plant care

Like all farming games, Bud Farm has a quick tutorial that shows you how to sow seeds, water, and harvest initially.  Plant happiness is measured and a timer is attached on each pot to show you when exactly to water them.  The number of buds you’ll harvest from a grown plant will depend on its happiness.

A list will show how many buds of each strain you have in your stash and how much money you have made just yet.  Do these things religiously to earn money and fulfil orders satisfactorily.  It’s a simple game with quite a lot of entertaining details from the funny-looking timer to the Combi van that delivers the goods to the customers.

Perform quests and tasks completely and continuously

After the basics, quests will be available for you to complete and you will be paid Bud Farm currency (potbuck) for each one you finish.  The difficulty of each quest will depend on your farm level and completing a quest is a great way to perfect the art of weed farming.  Eventually, you’ll learn about various types of strains and the use of each buildings that you can unlock after reaching a certain level of the game.

Playing continuously will help you unlock other buildings and equipment in the farm, it will take a little time, but this game has plenty to offer to prevent you from getting bored.

Buds don’t like spiders

Whack those red spiders to prevent them from covering your precious produce with webs.  Your buds will stop growing and you’ll lose money unless you destroy the little creepers.

Complete job orders

Fulfilled job orders relate to revenues and experience points, so keep completing these job orders to level up and save up potbucks to improve your farm.  Fill your supply and deliver the buds using your Combi van.  You can actually sell your produce while some of your potted plants are growing, so your business does not have to come to a standstill while your buds are not yet ready.

Constantly improve your equipment

Light, water, and plant happiness all play important roles in your farm’s productivity.  Upgrade your pump and lighting equipment to improve your plant’s rating as well.  On the other side, you can also fix and enhance your van for better performance.  The idea is to create a profitable farm and you’ll achieve this by doing constant improvements on all your farm equipment.

These are some helpful Bud Farm Grass Roots cheats that you can use to build your seriously entertaining business empire!  So what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to share your bud Farm tips by leaving a comment below.

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