Britney Spears: American Dream Cheats and Tips

Want to live the life of a famous pop star with the help of the Britney Spears? This Sims-like game is quite an amusing interpretation of the making and the life of a celebrity. But interestingly, you will play the part of the star-on-the-rise. So let the Princess of Pop be your mentor as you make your mark and build your fortune in the celebrity world. Read on to find out our Britney Spears: American Dream cheats and awesome tips to become a star!

britney spears american dream cheats

Pick a good-looking character.

In this celeb-inspired game, looks are certainly part of what makes you successful. Create a great-looking character and invest in clothes. Be extra-fashionable for more experience points and game currency. Being stylish also means purchasing a car, a pet, and even a boy- or girlfriend for an arm-candy and added oomph!

Avoid depleting your energy.

Complete as many missions as you can to earn dollars, but make sure to start with a full energy, so you won’t get tired and your performance will not get affected. You can also look for other sources of energy to tap while fulfilling an objective or completing a mission. Stereos, guitar, squirrels, an umbrella, a street lamp—anywhere you go, you’ll surely find an object that will drop off extra money or energy when tapped and do it over and over because they sort of reload after a few minutes. So don’t be lazy and tap everything you see.

Level up to improve your energy.

Completing high-energy performances will help you level up quickly. When this happens, your energy bar will increase and the speed of energy recovery will also improve. So don’t shy away from all types of missions!


You know what they say when trying to get a big break, it’s not what you know, but who you know. Networking is very important in this game because in-game people and friends you interact with can help you land the gig that you’ve been waiting for. Invite your FB friends to play the game and improve sales of your single. You can also earn bonus rewards for adding them.

Earn B-Gems. 

These gems are quite useful if you want to try to influence someone to like your single or to do something that would benefit you. “Charm” them using B-Gems to be successful with networking.  You can earn these by topping the charts and selling plenty of copies of your single.

Record labels help better your career.

Joining a label somehow protects your career and guides you in the right direction as a celebrity. The more members a label has, the better it is for you to join. You can be profitable with the help of your label, so pick one that you think is best for you.

One notorious rep of this game is that it can cost you a lot of real money if you want to move on forward quickly into the game. The best way to deal with this is to be patient and play it gradually. You’ll eventually earn much-needed premium game currency to travel, buy great things, and essentially to continue your game.  Hope you’ll find our Britney Spears: American Dream cheats and recommendations useful. Comment below to add more tips!

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