Brave Diggers Cheats, Tips and Strategies

Brave Diggers is an expansive RPG that lets you play a party of characters fighting monsters, mining, collecting/upgrading characters and equipment, and more! It also allows your heroes to work, even if you are out, so this is the perfect game for those who have sporadic free time. If you like cute pixel characters and a humorous storyline, here are our Brave Digger cheats to help you get started.

brave diggers cheats

Game objective.

The main goal is to collect as many as 25 heroes, upgrade them, and win battles against the enemies. There are also small missions to complete that will let you earn EXP, coins, gems, and gold to use for upgrades and purchasing special items and equipment.

Focus on farming and levelling up useful heroes.

There are around 200 characters to see in this game and you can play 25 of them at a time. These characters range from regular to legendary ones, which are the ones that you should focus on farming. Initially, you’ll get the not-so-great ones, but you can always increase their EXP to train and level them up.

It does get a little boring playing melees for EXP, but it will be worth it later on. Besides, that’s the way everyone in the game has to start and the game is already generous with EXP and coins, even if you’re playing idle. Train and level up whenever you can. Sack useless heroes and concentrate on creating one or two rare heroes at first.

Send your guys on quests.

Go on quests to earn gems that you can use to build better heroes. You’ll need rare and legendary characters on your team to defeat tank-like golems, enemies and bosses.

Upgrade hero’s chi and hero features!

When your main hero reaches at least LVL 30, upgrade his chi to greatly improve his skills and abilities. However, keep in mind that succeeding EXP upgrades will cost more coins after this. Upgrade all of your characters’ skills and abilities equally or keep a good mix of characters in your party, taking into consideration critical damage, regeneration, armour, and true stats.

Go back to old levels and idle-play.

Old levels are great places to earn gold, gems, coins, and EXP. You won’t be able to actively play, but your party/heroes will be able to continuously collect loots and awesome items. This is the best part of the game. It takes away the challenge a little, but it really allows you to explore more and upgrade your characters.


Unlock your characters’ “Arise” to improve their speed, defence, true damage, and dodge. Strategize by focusing on one aspect that you want your hero to be good at. For example, focusing on speed seems to improve your Crit stat. You can also develop Improve and Dodge skills to avoid or mitigate even the most destructive attack by your opponent.

These are only a few of Brave Diggers cheats that we have brought together. Comment below if you have more to share!

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