Bowmasters Cheats, Tips and Guide

Bowmasters by Plegendary is a cute one-on-one shooting game that lets you play as Robin the archer at first and the premise is to put down your enemy before it kills you first with whatever it can throw at you. This is a pretty challenging game and it takes a little ESP or Math skills to be able to nail your first shot. Parents should actually be forewarned of the gore and violence disguised as something cute in this game. Otherwise, do take a shot (See what we did there?) at this silly game with our Bowmasters cheats and collect all of the crazy characters along the way!

bowmasters cheats, tips and guide

How to aim and take a shot!

Tap-hold and pull back to increase the strength of your aim and move up and down while holding to increase/decrease your angle. It works like a sling, wherein you pull, aim, and take a shot.

Characters are not created equal.

Each character’s weapon can be played differently. You have to theoretically consider the weight of the weapon thrown. This also affects how much damage can be dealt on an enemy. For example, a spear by Mr. Gorskiy the Lucky One has a bigger damage than Ron Etienne’s Magic Card, using the same strength and angle. However, keep in mind, as well that the type of weapon will affect how you throw and how much damage you should expect.

There are three types of weapons, the straight, fancy, and heavy ones. Straight weapons such as arrows, spears, and flag will deal a lot of damage, but are best handled if you are precise. On the other hand, the big, sluggish ones don’t require much accuracy but deal less damage than the straight ones. The fancy ones are variable. Thor’s hammer delivers extra electric shock and Ron Etienne’s Magic Card is arguably the easiest to anticipate as it travels in a more or less straight line and follows typical laws of Physics.

Watch videos.

Videos are annoying but they let you earn some serious coins! You can watch one after each duel finishes by clicking the chest with the play icon. You can also choose to continue a failed game by watching videos and you’ll also get to earn coins if you do so. Coins let you buy other fun, quirky, and even more powerful and elaborate characters to play.

The first shot is your point of reference!

Your first shot may not reach your opponent successfully, unless you are on a continued spell of good luck. Make sure to remember the angle and strength of your shot, so you’ll know how to adjust it later on in the game. You won’t have a Sometimes, it will boil down to trial-and-error, but the most important thing is to be the one to finish the game. For added bonus coins, hit your opponent right after you hear, “Finish him/her/it!”

Unlock game modes.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the game. You can hunt birds, play versus a computer, shoot at apples, name it, this game has it. Keep on playing and you’ll eventually unlock various game modes. It doesn’t take too long from when you start. We’ve been 20 minutes into the game and we’ve unlocked Apple shooting and Bird hunting modes.

Here are some of our Bowmasters cheats. We hope you find them useful and don’t forget to comment below if you have more ideas and tips on how to beat the game!


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