Boom Boom Soccer Cheats and Tips for Beginners

If you are looking for great mobile footy that is challenging and fun at the same time, then make way for Boom Boom Soccer! It’s an all-encompassing game that will take you buying players, training them, and playing them against other comp and actual teams, and even collecting cards.  Fancy winning against players from all over the world? Read on to find out free info and Boom Boom Soccer Cheats.

boom boom soccer cheats

What you draw is where your ball goes.

When passing and shooting, take care to trace your lines correctly. Your line should end up in the middle of the green area, which is your target. Also, the speed/power you use to draw the line affects the way the ball gets passed to your ally or into the goal. So hit the ball with the right power and don’t stop abruptly or go beyond the target area, otherwise, you could lose your ball or it could end up at the hands of opponents.

Assign your players against the right opponents.

Your opponents’ stats can be viewed on the box to their left and review each category. Don’t forget to check these boxes out before the game starts and take note of their figures. Always assign better players against your opponents based on the stats in yellow. Replace players with weaker stats to improve your chances against the other team and it will be a lot easier to score a goal.

Train and improve your players’ skills.

Collect a lot of players, so you can assign which ones to sacrifice when boosting your favourite player. Extra players are earned after competing in each cup or a sporting event and you can use these players to upgrade the best ones in your team. Just select the player that you want to upgrade, and then pick the low ranking guys that you want to give up to boost his skills. Sounds cruel, but this will take you to the World Cup!

Practice doing curve shots to circumvent blockers.

Curve shots are particularly handy to avoid the blockers, but can be quite difficult to do. Just makes sure to follow the line exactly how you see it on the screen and end up exactly where the green area is to hit the right target. Don’t fall short or overdo it or you’ll miss the target.

Play daily.

Like any other mobile game, playing for daily rewards to earn bonuses, however, you have to fulfil objectives or reward criteria before you could earn them. So don’t be lazy and complete the tasks to earn useful rewards.

Complete tournaments.

Complete game leagues and earn trophies from tournaments to earn even better cash, gold, or other bonuses. Play the trophy tournament on top of the daily rewards continuously to earn money to boost your players and improve your team overall.

There’s our list of Boom Boom Soccer cheats! Perfect for anyone who loves a challenging game, winning tourneys, and someone with a knack for developing a powerhouse team from scratch—or if you simply like Hothead Games, then this one’s for you. Tell us your tricks and strategies at the comments below!

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