Bonecrusher Cheats and Basic Information

Are you the master of quick reflexes? If so, then try playing Bonecrusher by R2 Games on your mobile device and you will surely like it! Play your own skull and collect all of your loose bones, while dodging spiked pillars that randomly drop from the ceiling to crush you. It can be quite addictive and challenging, so here’s our selection of Bonecrusher cheats and basic info on how to play.

bonecrusher cheats

Free gifts come every few minutes.

If you love free items, switch on your notifications for the game to know when your next free gift is up.  If you don’t like updates and notifications, check back as frequently as every ten minutes to earn free items.  Patiently waiting never ever gets old.  Besides, as much as possible you wouldn’t want to spend precious points on things that can be earned for free.

Don’t be hasty.

It’s easy to commit mistakes when you’re rushing your moves.  While the pillars snappily drop, you need to very, very quickly decide where to tap the loose bone in a series of succession.  Anticipate the next position of the bone and if you’re not sure about your next move, just simply slow down a bit and then tap when you’re ready.

Be quick and certain! 

Tap quickly, but always be careful!  Control your taps because sometimes, doing it too quickly can get you crushed.  Moreover, levels get a lot more difficult as you go further, you can fall into death-by-lava for tapping uncontrollably.

Buy power ups.

This is a no-brainer, power ups instantly boost your regular attack damage.  However, in Bonecrusher, you need to play Classic Mode and unlock each of the power ups before you can actually purchase them using points.

There are a few interesting and useful boosts that you must buy:  Helmet, Magnet, and X-Sense.  Just accumulate 50 points and you’ll be able to unlock and buy.  The Magnet is useful for pulling bones towards you without changing your position, whereas Helmet helps you recover after a pillar slams on you.

Play Classic Mode first.

Like previously mentioned, unlock all of the potential boosts or power ups and earn plenty of coins first by playing the Classic Mode.  In a short time, you will also be able to get to play the Random Mode, where you can use multipliers to boost your score.  An important thing to remember, though, is that you cannot unlock or earn tons of coins like usual if you’ll be using the Random Mode.

Change skins for free!

You may buy different skulls skins but that won’t give you special power or anything.  Skins just make your skull look a little less boring.  It will be much better if you spend your points instead on Magnet and Helmet or other power ups.  Skulls can sooner or later be earned as gifts.  So remember, buy power ups before changing skins!

There you have it, hope you enjoyed our Bonecrusher cheats and basic information.  We’d love to hear from you, share your tips by leaving a comment.

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