Bloons TD 5 Cheats, Tips and Guides

There are some that struggles with playing Bloons TD 5 but if you have the Bloons TD5 cheats, tips and guides, then the game is easy flowing and more fun. The game is all about technique and making the right actions, which is why it is important to have the right tips and guides to help any gamers along the way.


It is important to note that the game is one of the most challenging games that are released in the gaming market today. It can be exasperating every now and then when you fail to overcome the expert map as well as the newly added extreme maps. Here are some of the cheats, tips and guides that can support you along the way.

Implement the Boomarang and the T4 Upgrade

Upgrade is important for any game and for this game, the T4 upgrade is important as well as the boomarang. It can help the gamers to pop up the frozen balloons. Furthermore, the implementations can help the game to overcome the multiple blockades. Also, combining two boomarangs can help fuel up its impact and heighten it.

Use the Dart Monkey

For the gamers, if you want to win over the hurdles, you need to make use of the dart monkey.
To combat the first tower, you need more than just mere luck. You need to have 300-400 money for the upgrade.

Learn the Banana Farm Factor

To win the TD 5, you need to make use of the Banana Farm + Banana Farmer excessively so that you can win the game with flying colors. Although it is difficult to ensure this cheat, with the right move, it can be done. For 1 turn of a super Banana Farm, you can also get an upgrade, but the glitch is that it can only be done once and cannot be repeated again.

Use the Monkey Engineer and the T4 upgrade Together

Nothing can beat down combo attacks and in this case, with the combo effort of monkey engineer and T4 upgrade, the attack is stronger. However, there is a need to unlock the T4 upgrade so that you can fully enforce a stronger attack force and overcome the hurdles and the towers.

Save for the Ninja Monkey

Make sure that you are able to save up for the Ninja Monkey as well as the Glue Gunner since Ninja Monkey is among the best combo cheats that you can use. If you upgrade your Ninja Monkey into 3 | 2 along with your Glue Gunner into 2 | 2 then your attack force is strengthened as well.

Concentrate on Your MOAB

Once the first round is done, you need to go forward by expanding and concentrating on your MOAB. You need to ensure that your MOAB Mauler are upgraded as well as your Cannon Tower into 0 | 3 so that you can add more power and fortify your game.

These are just some of the Bloons TD 5 cheats, tips and guides to assist you along the way. The game is very challenging and it can sometimes weaken your resolve if you cannot seem to win one game but with the tips and guides at bay, you will be assured that your game time is easier and more calming than before.

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