Bleach Brave Souls Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Bleach was once one of the hottest anime and manga series round even being considered as the big 3 at the time along with Naruto and One Piece. Bleach has been under the radar since the anime ended in 2012 and the manga ended in 2016. To no surprise, Bleach still exists in videogames to some extent and one of them is Bleach Brave Souls. The game allows you to relive classic Bleach storylines and characters in a good action RPG adventure. You don’t have to know a lot of the series to play the game as you can also rely on our Bleach Brave Souls hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Do and redo the story chapters

Bleach Brave Souls has plenty of content to go around but you have to start and rely on the story chapters. These chapters are very straight forward and somewhat linear in a sense. If you’ve watched or read the Bleach series then some of these chapters will be familiar so you may have an advantage since you know which enemies or characters may appear as such. Later on if the later story chapters are hard, you can rely on previous chapters and redo them again so that you can gain some more experience to strengthen your characters.

Log in everyday

The game rewards you when you log in daily. Even if you don’t play the game, just log in to claim those rewards. The more days you log in the more rewards you can get.

Your characters at choice

Once again having some Bleach knowledge will help you when you’re going to get some characters. Characters can be obtained through different ways and doing the story chapters will give you some characters but just average at best. The best characters can be drawn when you summon them but that’s depending on the range as characters can be rated by stars. The higher the stars the better but that’s not usually the case. Be sure to have your options when summoning in characters.

The dream team

Going back to your characters, since you can only bring 3 at a time, it is advisable to focus on three at the moment. Have flexibility considering characters have different styles and abilities. The other thing is that you can only use one character at a time so be sure to swap them out when needed. While you can have the main 3 members, you can also level up others but that takes time so be sure to do it but no need to level up all of them.

Final battle tips

In Bleach Brave Souls, the gameplay is action oriented where your characters have different abilities as well as basic attacks. One thing you can do if the enemy is too strong is to do a hit and run kind of deal. Try to recover before you attack again. Try to also find boss patterns if there are any. Plus don’t just use abilities when you don’t need to so that they will be ready when you need them.

Brave into Soul Society and more with our Bleach Brave Souls hack, cheats, tips and guide. This game can be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

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