Big Bang Racing Cheats, Tips and Guide

Here’s another fun racing game that will push you to defy the laws of Physics! Big Bang Racing lets you drive your squiggly car or bike as far as you can on a course or against opponents, collecting maps, and finishing each level with the highest score possible. Rotate, speed up, and hit your brakes in perfect timing to get past the obstacles or get to your destination. You can even play with or against your friends if you get bored with single player modes! Here are our Big Bang Racing cheats to help you get used to all those fun and crazy tracks!

big bang racing cheats tips and guide

Game features and objectives.

One of the best features of the game is that you can design your own track and have others play it, which adds to its variety. The game objective is to complete all of the levels and get the highest score each time. You can also create mini competitions among friends where the one who completes a level the fastest and with the highest scores win!


Timing is an important element because once the car or the bike hits the ground, it could bounce uncontrollably and you could land on your head. So make sure to anticipate the right moment to hit the brakes or speed up to prevent ending your game prematurely.

Break your neck, and you’re a goner.

Land on your head once and you lose your cap; land on it again and game’s over. Make sure to get the right speed for those flips to nail them perfectly. Also, watch out when random things get thrown on your direction, you don’t want that precious neck to break.

League races.

Beat other players by participating in league races and earn medals that you can turn into Racing chests. Upgrade your vehicle when you find yourself unable to defeat them in these runs. You can also use the components that you find in some chests to upgrade your bike or off roader.

Speed up after flipping.

Boost your speed a little after a flip. If you are looking for a little push to get ahead with your opponents, then do this manoeuvre to attempt to overtake them or maintain a comfortable lead. Your vehicle will rotate/flip a little in a slightly slow fashion, so make sure to flip in a clear space where there are not much obstacles to begin with.

Play custom levels.

Play any of the user-created levels by tapping purple floating gems. You can earn gem shards in these levels and turn them into gems after they reach a required number. Bigger shards are composed of a lot of mini shards, and there are around three to collect per floating level, so this requisite is quite easy to meet.

Play regular and custom levels by turns. The difference between these levels is that with the regular ones, the main character collects maps that ultimately result to an Adventure chest. This chest contains gem shards, but you can only open them after a couple of hours. On the other hand, with the floating/custom ones, you can already collect the shards directly. These shards can be made into gems.

There you have it. Our Big Bang Racing cheats and useful tips. Comment below if you have more to add!



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