Bejeweled Stars Cheats, Tips and Strategies

If you absolutely enjoyed EA games under the PopCap brand, then Bejeweled Stars should be the icing on the cake! Patterned from game favourites and certainly having the usual matching-popping-smashing, this game will give you some serious eye-candy. It also offers something more unique than the old matching games that you are used to. So here is our guide to great match combinations and Bejeweled Stars cheats to help you restore those constellations!

Bejeweled Stars cheats

Game objectives.

Bejeweled Stars has similar objectives with any other game of the same type and that is to match a good number of jewel combinations and carry out the level’s mission. A secondary objective is to complete the stars of various constellations. For each time that you win a level, a star gets delivered high up in the sky to its spot when you finish with perfect stars.

Finish the tutorials.

Finish the tutorials to know how the special gems and power-ups work. This one works a little differently than typical match-up games because there are tons of things to collect per level and new effects and new ways to clear the table have been introduced to tell it apart from other games.

Don’t rush.

The circle on top of each board represents the number of moves you have. Always pay attention to the number and plan your moves to avoid wasting your chances of completing the board.

Match-up more jewel tiles.

Matching up 4 or more of these sparkly jewels at a time will result to a special gem. So don’t be content with matching just three. Aim for HyperCubes, which results from matching five-in-a-row. The resulting gem will take out gems of a certain colour. Create a super-explosion when you match two of these special gems together.

Aim for bigger explosions.

When special gems are combined together, a big chunk of the board will get taken down. Do this often to complete the level before your moves run out and also to achieve three stars as well.

Completing objectives.

Finishing your mission is more important than getting a high score per level. You can’t move forward to the next, if you have not satisfied all of the objectives of each stage.

Try to finish the level in few moves as possible.

Each turns into a special gem that will cause more explosion at the end. Keep this in mind if you’re aiming for three stars per level.

Use the PowerLab.

Power-ups can be crafted from a lab, it seems, but not unless you’ve collected enough of these SkyGems. So collect all of the unique items that you can and queue the power-ups for construction to turn ordinary gems into extraordinary ones. The more of these types of gems you have, the better your chances of keeping up with the needed score to finish strong.

These are some of the awesome tips that we’ve compiled for this much-improved game. Enjoy the missions and do them with your friends for a more fun gaming experience. Found our Bejeweled Star cheats useful? Add a comment below if you have more techniques to suggest.

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