Battleplans Cheats and Basic Tips

Battleplans is an online player vs. player game that is similar to many others (Total War Battles, Starcraft, DOTA, COC), in terms of online interactivity, building armies, and going on battle missions against real online players.  So if you’re into that kind of genre, then you will certainly enjoy this surprisingly challenging tactical game.  This one’s available on iOS, Android, and PC.  Here are our basic tips and Battleplans cheats to help you plan your attack and defend your own.


Know essential game elements.

There’s nothing wrong with taking things slow and knowing the key game features, so do not skip the tutorials, focus on building a strong army and upgrade whenever you can. Learn from your losses and copy successful enemy strategies.

Research game strategies online. 

If you experience successive losses despite upgrading your army, then there might be something wrong with the way you attack or defend. Watch the mini-tutorials to learn the basics, hopefully for a better gaming experience and quick progression. Your heroes will typically let you know if there’s something new that you need to learn at any given moment.

Plan and implement your phalanx.

Attacking and defending together works especially if you have a small army. Initially, this is a great strategy to employ while going from one enemy crystal to another. There will be casualties, but it’s a lot easier to take on individual enemies if your serfs work together as a team.

Protect your flank.

This is quite a popular battle strategy, so always be on your toes for enemies that want to assault you on your side. Move about constantly and unpredictably to foil your foes assault plans. On the other hand, break your army into two to three different groups to attack the side defences of your enemy, marching head on against a larger army can decimate yours.

Take advantage of the landscape.

Bogs, trees, ditches—all of these can be used to your advantage, but they could also be use against you.  Look for an area that will keep you safe from one side, so that you’ll have a smaller area to worry about. And then, work your way slowly to the crystal. Keep moving because you don’t want to get trapped in an area. Wherever you start is safe at the beginning, but as you exchange attacks, that area will not be as safe as it was the first time.

Serfs vary in skills and abilities. 

Serfs have different skills that you can use for optimal results. Some are better at dealing damage, whereas some have tank-like abilities that you can use for defence. Know your army and put them in appropriate roles to execute a good plan of attack.

Divide serf duties.

Assign separate groups of the same or various unit/s that will cover each other. For example, as one group advances, your archers, second line of defence will cover them, and a third group will make a surprise attack. However, make sure that the distance you cover is always manageable, otherwise, you’ll break your ranks and the enemy could ambush smaller groups that were left behind. As much as possible, keep the battle where you are strongest—the landing area.

Enjoyed our tips and Battleplans cheats?  Share your tricks with us by leaving comments below!

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