Batman: Arkham Underworld Cheats, Tips And Strategies

Want to try living the life of a villain in Batman Arkham Underworld with the help of Catwoman? This game will take you to the bastion of the bad guys, where you’ll set sights on growing your criminal empire and strategizing on how to carry out those missions! So start building your headquarters now and hire thugs led by supervillains to carry out your regular bad deeds! Here’s our Batman: Arkham Underworld cheats to help get you started.

Batman Arkham Underworld

Game objectives.

First, if you’re looking to play Batman, then you might want to look for a different game. The objectives are to build your HQ from nothing, to defend your territory, perform regular headlines or missions, collect and train supervillains, and to dominate the crime scenes in Arkham—essentially do the bad guy stuff.

This slow progression game has plenty to offer and the characters are quite recognisable, so you won’t get bored easily.

Don’t shy away from missions.

The newspaper on the upper left corner will take you to things that you need to fulfil, and can earn you diamonds once completed. A list of things to do per level can be viewed, so you’ll know what to do next. You can replay each of these headlines up to three times. Naturally, it becomes more difficult to complete every time, but the rewards become even more valuable. Earn cash and skill points to use for upgrades as well.

Unlock supervillains.

For each mission, a supervillain will accompany you as you attempt to complete your goals. Use their abilities and control them to finish one headline. Reassign new ones as soon as you finish. Each time you’re successful, you can collect money and items for future upgrades. Don’t fall behind your thugs or you’ll be easy target from hordes of opponents. Unlock important ones like Professor Milo and laboratory skills to keep your team in check.

Supervillains are not created equal.

SuperV’s have special abilities that you can take advantage of. Always consider this when planning out a strategy for attack. Others can absorb tons of damage, whereas some are capable of dealing a lot of damage. It is important to know what each of them can do to make sure that you’ll bring the right guy to finish the job.

Upgrade using the skill points you earned from completing headlines repeatedly, so make sure to employ them on equal occasions. If you have favourites, focus on those guys and take them out on missions more frequently to level-up their abilities quickly. You can also transfer skill points in exchange for diamonds, if you are not satisfied with the secondary ability that you have just upgraded.

Upgrade your minions.

Earn respect points by purchasing luxe things. You can use these points for buying tougher underlings, which you can then place around your HQ for extra protection against raids. Remember that your guys take damage from their own weapons, too, so place them away from bombs that you have set up on your hideout’s perimeter.

Improve active abilities.

Your main villains have active abilities that you can use to take down bosses and a group of charging enemies. Use them whenever possible, but don’t forget that it takes a short while before you can use your active ability again. Cool downs are a little disadvantageous if you are fighting a boss or tough enemies, but if you know how to time your attacks, then you’ll be alright.

That’s all we got for our Batman: Arkham Underground cheats for now. Comment below if you have more interesting stuff to add!

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