Avengers Academy Cheats

Marvel Avengers Academy is a time management game with great visuals, cast and dialogue that will keep gamers on playing more. Be sure that the Avengers are always engaged in quest-related activities to complete all the story. There are limited things that can be done in Marvel Avengers Academy as it is usually time which is needed to progress in the game.


The game contains two different types of quests. The first is the blue quests present on the left side of the screen. These are basically the main quests that will keep the story going. The second is the regular quests that are displayed on the right part which also reward using coins and items.

The regular quests will produce items all of the time for the story. Therefor there is no needed many investigation and planning to be done. However, it is important to remember that some planning may still be required in some situations.

There are numerous missions to be completed and items to collect in the game. A whole lot different social dynamic needs to be mastered in Avengers Academy. Below are the tips and strategies to help the players progress in the game.

1. Choose the items over coins.

When choosing the missions to complete, some of them will offer coins and others give items. Always choose the items because these are necessary to complete the quests which will help in advancing the game’s story.

Whether an Asgardian Jewelry is needed to unlock Enchantress or the Avengers Textbooks to use Falcon, a lot of items are need to reach any goal. Most of the item in missions will give currency. Whenever an item opportunity arises, seize it.

2. Do not give random task to any unassigned character.

When all of the missions are already assigned, there comes the temptation to give random task to the unassigned characters. This is not advisable because the rewards are non-existent and the player will end up in needing that character to complete a new quest. But it will be too late for that since they are already tied up doing mission of little value.

3. Pick one task only and focus on doing it.

Marvel Avengers Academy will make the gamers juggle several quests at once. It may be easy to accomplish them simultaneously, but it will demand a lot of currency. It will take a long time just to earn enough credits in order to complete a single quest. Focus the existing currency and missions in completing one quest before going to the next.

4. Get pushy. The game itself is created around wait timers.

This is why push notifications are highly important to maximize the potential in earning credits and items. Try not to lose precious time which can be spent re-assigning a hero somewhere else.

5. Check how many characters are need to complete a regular quest.

Analyze the action times needed for every member on a quest. Complete the faster ones then leave those that require a lot of time when leaving the game. It will be easier to do the single person first, then proceed with the multi person ones.

6. Skip a quest or spend Shards to complete quests.

This method is a lot cheaper compared with rushing Avengers to do the action required in completing the quest. More than 20 Shards can be spent to hurry an action which usually lasts for more than an hour. Spending Shards to complete a mission only costs 3.

7. Do not rush things.

The game progress is generally slow and the whole experience may take months. Plan each move carefully and be sure to get the items needed to the story going on each quest.

8. Train each hero maximize their power.

Each hero possesses unique abilities which can be developed to reach their full force. Luckily, many resources can be found around the Academy for heroes training purposes. As the heroes become powerful, they will learn to perform awesome actions and skills.

9. Finish a quest to gain great rewards.

Regularly read the bulletin board to get updates on the latest postings as well as complete quests. Some quests are designed to be more challenging but they will also give more rewards than the others. Each finished quest will give some special items and experience points.

10. Set romantic dates for the heroes.

Super Heroes also have crushes. While the Avengers spend time together, many dating opportunities may arise where they can explore romantic relationships. These young Avengers can make the most out of their young adulthood and blossoming attraction if guided properly.

11. Higher rank means stronger power.

The Avengers need to be trained to develop their maximum superpowers. As they rank up, new abilities will be unlocked. Along with these new abilities are upgraded outfits and better rewards.

12. Dress in order to success.

The outfits which can be bought at Van Dyne’s unlock quests for every hero who wears the outfit. Some bonuses which reduce the time to be spent on actions will be granted as well. On top of these valuable items, several credits or Shards will be given too.

13. Remember the campus buildings limitation.

Knowing that a building can only contain a very limited heroes at a given time is important in the game. It is a crucial factor when assigning actions to the heroes.

14. Customize the academy by moving buildings and decorations.

Enter “Deco Mode” and use the meter fill up to move an item within the Academy grounds. The boxes below the building shows if it can be placed or not.

While advancing in each level, new buildings and characters will be unlocked. New actions to collect more items can be performed. Heroes can be level up as well to make each one of them faster and look good.

These heroes can be equipped with several outfits and be customized to create a unique look of the Avengers Academy. The game gets even more funner as many areas and stuff are being unlocked. These strategies are helpful to destroy Hydra and unveil the mystery inside the campus.

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