Auto Warriors Cheats, Tips And Strategies

Auto Warriors is a turn-based car fighting game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game’s vibe is quite like the movies, Death Race and Mad Max in its concept and dreariness, respectively, and the gameplay puts more emphasis on your combat strategy than the vehicle’s speed. However, that doesn’t make it any less interesting. So start designing your own war vehicle, customising it, and playing with the comp or your friends now! Read our Auto Warriors cheats and basic guide to dominate the scoreboards of this tactical vehicle-smashing game!

auto warriors cheats

Game objectives.

The main objective is to build your fight vehicle, to challenge, other players and win the matches, and to eventually upgrade your ride into a more powerful war machine. There are around 150 levels to complete. Finish the tutorials so you’ll know how to fire, purchase, upgrade, and can start taking down your enemies!

Strategize and anticipate.

Study the situation and know where your enemy could possibly go during the run. Plan out how you want to take down your opponent on top of steering your vehicle to the right direction. It gets tricky because you have to predict the outcome at the same time that you need to be accurate and quick with your moves. It’s much harder to defeat real players because it’s more difficult to predict their next move.

Don’t get caught off-guard.

There are different types of opponents—this is especially true if you are out with real players online. Some would charge immediately and fire at will, while some would run away and set up a plan to corner you and attack. Always keep an eye on the map to see where your enemy is approaching you. Run away if you think that you can take down your opponent head on. Also, beware of mines planted by enemies as they can be difficult to avoid if you’re going high-speed.

Play with friends.

In a multiplayer game mode, it is always advantageous to play with your friends. Online players can easily gang up on lower-level vehicles and you can get overwhelmed if you do not have anyone to back you up. So invite your friends to play the game and dominate together!

Pick a good weapon and upgrade.

At first you need to settle with a light machine gun and earn points and game money to upgrade to a better weapon. You can collect as many good weapons as you can and use which one you think is best for your type of vehicle. Choose one that will not hamper your mobility, has enough firepower to take down enemies at a good range, etc.

When upgrading weapons, try to keep a good balance of the weapon’s features. Upgrading one feature can sometimes reduce its precision or could make the range suffer a little. Keep this in mind when upgrading weapons.

Collect bonuses.

Challenges and daily plays will earn you a lot of bonuses like cash, gold, and special items. Collect as much as you can, so you can upgrade your vehicle and your weapons more frequently.

There go our Auto Warriors cheats and guide for beginners. If you love cars, you know what to do. Comment below if you want to add better tricks to help our fellow players!

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