Cheats and Basic Defence Strategy

If you haven’t joined the hype in playing those popular 2D multiplayer .io games, then this is the time for you to start doing so! pretty much has a lot going on despite its simple-looking visuals and concept. Part of its draw is that you get to play with other people online, is fast-paced, and is perfect for really competitive guys who like shooting games. So here are our cheats and strategy to score that dynamic leader board.

armorio cheats

Play smart.

Playing smart in this interactive means you attack when you are big, and you defend or run when you are small. You’ll never last long from tanks that have three big guns, but you can focus on shooting those shapes first until your tank becomes a lot quicker and powerful than most in the field.  Shooting at someone will only draw the attention of other more powerful tanks, so keep away from the crowd if you can and focus on getting bigger.

Destroy as many shapes as you can.

Initially, shoot at the smaller shapes first (circle, triangle, square), take down a lot of hexagons, since these can earn you plenty of XP points. Points you get from shooting can easily help you level up and quickly improve your tank.

Stay away from hot zones.

In a multiplayer game such as this, there will naturally be some trigger-happy players, so keep away from these guys and again, play smart. Smaller tanks could gang up on the big guys.  If you happen to figure in the centre of conflict, use the hexagons to protect yourself from other players’ bullets until your health bar regenerates. You may also shoot at the incoming bullets to prevent them from hitting you.

Choose and boost your tank.

Play until level 10 by defending yourself or hiding, the latter being a lot more feasible option.  And then, choose an appropriate tank for you to play when you reach a certain level or a desired number of points. Spread these to upgrade your tank’s HP regain, attack power (Bullet Damage), speed, reload, and all other important skills.

Do the same thing until you reach level 20.  At this level, you can already choose if you want to use a tank that shoots in various directions or one that shoots in one course, but has a lot more firepower than the multi-shooter. Choose what you feel is the best tank for your strategy.

Prey on the weak, hide from the strong.

When you are defending yourself against really aggressive players, this should be your initial strategy.  Once you get beyond level 20, you can already attack the tougher tanks head-on.  It is also important to take note that your level will reset once you got attacked and destroyed, so always run away if you see an enemy close by. You will eventually dominate the game later on.

These are some of our tried-and-tested cheats and basic defence strategy.  Get a fix of this alpha game now and don’t forget to share your battle secrets by leaving a comment below!

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