Age of Immortals Cheats, Tips and Guide

If you like quick and elaborate RPG games, then try Age of Immortals by Iaendi Limited. It has all the elements that you are looking for in a team-based game. You also play real-time and may challenge anyone’s team in the world. Word of warning though, just like any long-progress, level-up game, this can be quite addicting and unfortunately, after several tries, it doesn’t have the date-time glitch that many are hoping for (wink, wink). You’ll really have to grind and work for your silver keys to continue playing. However, you don’t need any glitch or paid cheats to get hooked in this awesome game, so here’s our Age of Immortals cheats list to help you begin!

age of immortals cheats, tips and guide

Game premise.

This game lets you send your best heroes to battle out enemies of various affinities. It’s quite a complicated game and the fact that there are tons of concepts and icons to learn makes it moderately difficult for a beginning player. You will need to consider the elements, fusion/upgrade, and basic RPG strategies to fare well in this game. However, if you follow the story sequence, you’ll eventually know how things work and be able to enjoy as you play longer.

Basically, you tap on the blocks at the bottom of the screen to simultaneously summon your heroes’ physical and magical powers. You don’t need to wait for your turn to make a move, just tap away at combinations or individual blocks and you’ll have a unique fighting sequence with your team’s enemies.

Consider elemental properties of your heroes!

Each character has an elemental property that you should consider before sending it to battle. Always bring heroes that will make your opponents a lot more vulnerable, so you’ll be successful and earn three stars each time.

Deal with bosses the right way!

You will face four waves of enemies for each campaign and the last one will include the boss. A good way to deal with the boss is to tap combinations, like three of the same or more, to create power-ups. You can then save these special blocks until the fourth wave. These power-ups usually look like circled blocks and you can stack them just before the toughest monster appears and when it does, unleash/tap all of those conserved powers successively to finish the poor guy quickly. Create powerful builds from your collection of heroes that you can bring to all or some of your quests!

Fuse early in the game.

Take advantage of fusion as early as you can to make your heroes more powerful. This is one of the most important features of the game. You can customise your heroes and there are literally thousands of variations to improve their skills and make them better in all aspects—attack, defence, critical, etc. Initially, you’ll only get to fuse common characters, since they are the first ones that you will earn for free out of the lady from the store. However, as you play the game longer, you’ll be able to earn rare and even epic characters that you can also upgrade and level-up by fusion or by drinking experience potions that you also periodically get from the tree.

Don’t forget to claim bonus items!

Claim free items/heroes/potions/equipment from the store, tree, missions/quest, achievement boards (gems) every time. These are all important for upgrading and for purchasing keys and very powerful equipment that you’ll eventually need as you progress in the game.

Hope you enjoyed our Age of Immortals cheats and guide for beginners! Tell us about your strategies and preferred builds when playing the game commenting below!

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